A journey through Nightfall in Second Life

Nightfall; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr Nightfall (Flickr) – click any image for full size

Nightfall, the homestead region held by Uni Looney (Unique Loon),  is a place Caitlyn took me to visit late 2015, but I didn’t get around to blogging about it at the time. As such, it seemed right that it should be one of the first places I re-visit and write about as we start the new year.

When visiting the region back then, it was in the grip of what might be considered an Indian summer; bright greens and autumnal golds were everywhere despite the month of October slowly advancing. With my most recent visit, however, that last dash of warmth had clearly departed, leaving the region firmly in winter’s tight grip.

Nightfall; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr Nightfall (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The landing point in the south-west corner of the region provides access to the ruins of an old castle or fortification, rising from grass which is itself attempting to keep its head above the snow drifting down from above. Here the newly arrived can enjoy a spot of ice skating, while a turn to the north will lead the way through the ruins, past camp fires, seating areas, and a mouse on his own grand tour, to the north end of the region and the beach. Just mind the  sleeping brown bears and very much awake polar bears should you head in that direction!

The journey eastward requires you either take a cold dip in the frigid waters of the channel which divides the region, or you make your way across one of the three bridges spanning it – two of which look decidedly rickety, although they are in fact quite sound.

Nightfall; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr Nightfall (Flickr) – click any image for full size

The weather on the east side of the region is somewhat colder; the snow falls in heavy sheets to cover roads and paths, ponds lie frozen, and the local livestock and horses all appear to be enduring the weather rather than appreciating it. A convertible sits just outside the falling snow, the owner brave enough to leave the top down; given the state of the weather, I’m not sure I’d be so confident!

A little cottage sits no far from the dividing water, offering shelter from the snow, and while the fireplace may be lacked, there is a bath for those needing to warm themselves up with a quick, hot dip. Beyond this, and reached via two smeller bridges arching over a little stream, three more cottages can be found. Two of these are somewhat whimsical in nature while the third,  sitting atop a low hill, offers a warm fire to please colds toes, hands and noses.

Nightfall; Inara Pey, January 2016, on Flickr Nightfall (Flickr) – click any image for full size

Nightfall is a gentle region, a place you can roam as you see fit, either following the paths and board walks, or simply setting out through the grass as the mood takes. As with many regions in SL, there is plenty of ambient sound available to add to the sense of immersion. For those who prefer, bicycles can be rezzed from the board walk near the beach on the north side of the island.

All told, a charming place to visit and explore.

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Stories and news from Seanchai Library

It’s time to kick-off  a new year of story-telling in voice, brought to our virtual lives by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library, as we move from Christmas to New Year celebrations. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s Second Life home at Bradley University, unless otherwise indicated.

Monday January 4th, 19:00: Nobody Bothers Gus

Gyro Muggins presents a 1955 short story by Algis Budrys, who also wrote under the pen names of Frank Mason, Alger Rome, John A. Sentry, William Scarff, and Paul Janvier.

An alienated “superman” with an innate ability to dampen curiosity (and be forgotten) is essentially invisible and therefore unable to participate in society.  With no “culture of his own,” he retires to anonymity in the country.

Tuesday January 5th 19:00: Epiphany

Trolley Trollop concludes reading Connie Willis’ Miracle and Other Christmas Stories.

Wednesday, January 6th 19:00: Waiting for Fido

Caledonia Skytower continues a journey through some of the writings of Mj McGalliard, bringing us Waiting for Fido, Stories Told in the Dark Book 1.

The stories to be related in the dark in this case are those nagging tales that won’t go away until you bring them to the light. Waiting for Fido is the story of a couple ready to retire and sail away, almost. There is still the nagging problem of what to do with the family pets…

Thursday, January 7th, 19:00

19:00: Time Travel Stories

With Shandon Loring – Also presented to be presented at Seanchai Kitely and Seanchai InWorldz. Check session post during the week for specific grid locations).

21:00: Seanchai Late Night

with Finn Zeddmore.

News From Seanchai

2016 will see Seanchai Library continue their Explore series, so brilliantly inaugurated in 2015 with Explore the Great Gatsby
2016 will see Seanchai Library continue their Explore series, so brilliantly inaugurated in 2015 with Explore the Great Gatsby

There are exciting times ahead for Seanchai Library in 2016:

  • Some of the Library’s activities will be relocated to LEA 9, which has been granted to Seanchai for the winter and spring months. In particular, the ever popular Tea-time at Baker Street series featuring the stories of Sherlock Holmes will be relocating to a purpose-built set at LEA 9, together with one of the weekly book nights, in order to offer guests a 360-degree visual support for the stories being told
  • Seanchai will continue there Explore series in partnership with Tacoma Little Theatre (TLT). Building on the success of Explore the Great Gatsby, and with funding now confirmed, Seanchai will this year focus on the works of Anton Chekhov, in support of TLT’s  production of Christopher Durang’s Vania and Sonia and Masha and Spike. The new Explore will be established as a part of Seanchai’s presence in Kitely, and will feature at least one crossover performance between the physical and virtual worlds
  • Additionally, Seanchai Library is working with myself to develop an ongoing partnership which will encompass stories and poems written by Seanchai staff and volunteers focused of the art displayed at Holly Kai, and which will be presented in voice at Holly Kai Park as a part of work to bring the art of story telling the park through Stories at the Park.

I’ll be reporting on all of these projects by Seanchai Library as the year progresses.


Please check with the Seanchai Library SL’s blog for updates and for additions or changes to the week’s schedule.

The featured charity for January / February is Heifer International, working with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.

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