Lab adds “Latest Photos” to the SL blog

Latest Photos Inworld - the new addition to the blog contents page of the Second life website
Latest Photos in Inworld – the new addition to the blog contents page of the Second life website

Ciaran caught this ahead of me, but there is a new addition to the Second Life Community website Blogs tab. Entitled Latest Photos in Inworld, it displays – as the name suggests – thumbnails of the photographs selected by Xiola Linden from the Second Life Flickr pool to appear as the Inworld blog Second Life Pic of the Day.

The pictures can be seen in a number of ways.You can, to start with, either click on an individual image or on the View All link in the lower right corner of the banner. Both of these options will open a pop-up window which displays either the selected image or (View ALL) the most recent image posted as the Pic of the Day. You can then use the thumbnails under the main image to display other photos in the window, or use the arrow buttons on either side of the thumbnails to step chronologically backwards (right) or forwards (left) through all of the selected images contained in the blog.

Clickin on a photo (or the View ALl link) in the banner display of images will open a pop-up featuring the photo / the first photo in the series. You can then use the lower section of the window to step forward and backwards through the available images, or use the Inworld link, top left, to display the images as they are listed on the Inworld blog page

In addition, with the pop-up is displayed, you can click on the Inworld link in the top left corner to go directly to the InWorld blog, where you can scroll through off the selected pictures, or you can click on the “Second Life Pic of the Day” link to display the selected image in its original blog post.

Also, in the lower right corner  of the pop-up window are three buttons: a thumbs-up, allowing users to register their liking of a picture, together with a moderation button and a download button. Obviously, you have to be logged-in to the Community website to use the buttons, but the thumbs-up is a nice way of showing appreciation for the images shown.

Right now, the capability is only available on the Blogs tab, but while chatting with to Xiola about it, I learned that the capability to display images in this way might be extended elsewhere within the Community website. “We’re hoping to turn it on in forums as well,” she said. “But we have some technical points to address, so I am looking into work-arounds for them.”

Quite how this will work will be interesting. I imagine that trying to order and stream images so that they make some semblance of sense when displayed in forum headers or the main Forums tab of the community website (if that is where they’ll appear) isn’t that easy. But if it could be done, it might be a visual means to help draw people to forums threads on things like in-world destinations, fashion, etc. In the meantime, why not check the SL Blogs tab and have a look for yourself?

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