UKanDo 3.7.4

logoI actually managed to miss this earlier in the week, but on Tuesday March 25th, UKanDo updated to version

This release brings UKanDo up to parity with the LL 3.7.4 code base (so HTTP et al included), and also includes a number of additions and updates. It also updates the viewer’s RLV to version

The following is a short overview of the release.

Viewer Skin

The last version of UKanDo (3.7.2) included the option to swap between the viewer’s own skin and the original LL viewer skin. At the time, while the option added a further degree of customisation to the viewer, I was a little critical of it because of the need to download a ZIP file, shunt files around, restart the viewer etc. I also mused on whether or not UKanDo would move in the direction of other TPVs offering skinning options, and provide a less cumbersome means to select and change skins via a Preferences option.

With the 3.7.4 release, the LL skin has been included as a part of the viewer installation, eliminating the need to download it separately, and an option has been added to the viewer to switch skins without manually moving (and renaming) files. In addition, the default skin used by UKanDo has been changed, and is now the Starlight Orb Blue skin.

The new default skin is one I hadn’t used prior to taking UKanDo 3.7.4 for a spin, and it is certainly very stylised in comparison to the likes of Firestorm’s skin options and the LL viewer skin, utilising rounded or oval buttons and drop-down list items. For those who prefer the previous look, it is also included under the title Nostalgia Blue.

Unlike other v3 TPVs offering skinning options, UKanDo doesn’t provide the mean to change skins through the viewer Preferences. Instead, the option is found at the bottom of the viewer’s log-in splash screen, alongside the log-in options. Simply click on the button drop-down and select your preferred skin and restart the viewer to log-in.

UKanDo 3.7.4 allows users to set the viewer skin from the log-in splash screen
UKanDo 3.7.4 allows users to set the viewer skin from the log-in splash screen

Should you choose, once you have switched to your desired skin, the skin selection option on the log-in splash screen can be hidden via Preferences > Advanced > uncheck Show Skin Selection at Log-in.

Preferences Updates

UkanDo 3.7.4 sees further updates to the Preferences floater. The most prominent changes here lay with the removal of the UKanDo tab and its replacement by the Building tab. The latter now contains all of the options which used to reside under the Preferences > UKanDo > Building sub-tab.

The new Preferences > Building Tab in UKanDo 3.7.4
The new Preferences > Building Tab in UKanDo 3.7.4

The Avatar and Chat (- IM) sub-tabs previously found under the UKanDo tab have been relocated under the General tab, together with the Camera, Inventory and RLV sub-tabs.

Film Menu

The Starlight Film menu in UKanDo 3.7.4
The Starlight Film menu in UKanDo 3.7.4

This release of UKanDo includes the Starlight Film Menu as well.

Turned off by default, this can be toggled on / off via Preferences > Advanced > Show Film Menu.

When enabled, the menu appears at the top of the viewer, between the RLV and Help menus, providing quick access to those options which may be of assistance when involved in shooting in-world video.

Scene Refresh

UKanDo 3.7.4 includes the Refresh Scene option from Kokua, which can be found under the UKanDo menu (or use CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-R). This is primarily aimed at mitigating the missing prim issue, and when selected, carries out a number of tasks in quick succession, effectively re-rednering the in-world scene:

  • Basic Shaders are deselected, increasing the viewer’s frame rate and allowing the viewer to more quickly pull-in the basics of a scene
  • A message is sent to the viewer log, allowing the viewer to run a little longer without the shaders
  • Basic Shaders are re-enabled to complete re-dressing the scene, which should now be correctly rendered.

Along with this, the UKanDo menu also includes an option to toggle wireframe on / off (also: CTRL-SHIFT-R), also to assist with missing prim issues.

Other Items

The 4.7.4 release also includes:

  • Alt-Shift-S now toggles sit/stand
  • Removal of the multi Username login box
  • Ability to temporarily derender objects, attachments, and/or avatars until a region change or log-out
  • Addition of a “Teleport Here” option to go along with the “Sit Here” in context menus
  • New status bar widgets hidden when in Mouselook mode
  • Help->About Release notes now points to the UKanDo Release Notes URL.

For a full list of updates and changes, please refer to the viewer’s release notes.


Another small, tidy update. The addition of the skin selection option is an improvement over the 3.7.2 release, while the Scene Refresh capability from Kokua could well be welcomed by UKanDo users.

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