Kokua 3.7.4 arrives

kokua-logoOn Friday March 28th, the Kokua viewer updated to version  This sees the viewer come to parity with the SL viewer code releases through to 3.7.4.

This means that Kokua now has:

  • FmodEx updates (SL viewer
  • The most recent MAINT fixes (SL viewer
  • The HTTP updates (SL viewer

In addition, the viewer includes a number of TPV code additions. Note that attributions are given where known.

Avatar Shape Import

You an import previously-saved shapes (XML) via the Edit Shape floater
You an import previously saved shapes (XML) via the Edit Shape floater

This option, from Firestorm, allows you to import an .XML avatar shape from your computer to your inventory.

Shapes are imported via the Import button on the Edit Shape floater.This opens a file picker window, allowing you to navigate to the folder in which the required shape has been saved, and then import it into Kokua.

When importing a shape, please note that it will replace the existing parameters for the shape you are currently wearing, and will be saved on exiting Edit Shape.

If you wish to retain the original shape, make sure you use the Save As button at the bottom of the floater, opposite the Import button, before you import a shape.

If you do forget to save your original shape to a new file name before importing a shape and replacing it, you can use Undo Changes to revert to your original shape. You can then use Save As to create a copy of it in your inventory, prior to re-importing your new shape.

Note that shapes you create can be exported to XML via the Develop menu (Ctrl-Alt-Q) > Avatar > Character Tests > Appearance to XML.

Attachment Inventory Edit

This is a popular TPV capability by Kitty Barnett.

Got a small attachment embedded in your avatar, or which you’ve dropped rather than detached, and cannot find? Go to your inventory, locate the object, right-click on it and select Edit. The edit crosshairs will be displayed over the object, allowing you to reclaim or reposition it.

Other Items of Note

  • Restore items to last position (from Firestorm): if you return an object to inventory by mistake, or delete it from in-world, subject to region permissions, you can now restore it to its last known position by locating it in inventory (use the Restore Item option if it is in your trash can) and then right-clicking on it and selecting Restore to Last Position. Again, note that this will only work if you have rezzing permissions at location 0,0,0 in the region
  • Maximum Frames per Second (MaxFPS) debug setting (from Firestorm): sets a maximum threshold for viewer frame rates to ease loads on GPUs and reduces the  amount of viewer / server traffic. A value of -1.0 sets MaxFPS to off. As a rule, the human eye cannot discern differences in refresh rates above 60 fps
  • A number of defaults have been altered:  Draw Distance Range is now 0 -1024 metres for all slider locations; Object Mesh Detail maximum is increased from 4 to 8; Limit Select Distance is off; Disable Camera Constraints is on; the left toolbar button area is set to align buttons at the bottom
  • The Advanced Build Constraints menu entry is removed and the debug entry is defaulted on due to conflicts and duplications between the Build constraints code and limit overrides set by server-side awareness of Aurora code
  • OpenSim legacy search fixed so that searches which fail to yield a result advance to “Not Found” rather than remaining at “Searching”
  • Crash logging is on but, reports are not being sent. This will allow more detailed crash reports that users may attach to issue tracker reports.

Another compact update for Kokua helping it to maintain parity with emerging SL viewer capabilities and feature while at the same time absorbing several more useful TPV viewer capabilities.

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