SL viewer mini-update

There have been a few end-of week updates to the SL viewer release channel.

  • As noted in part 2 of my week projects update, the Hotfix RC viewer was updated to version on March 18th
  • Two new RC viewers entered the channel during the week in the form of:
    • The latest iteration of the Google Breakpad RC, version, on March 17th
    • The StatTest RC, version, on March 20th
  • Neither of the latter two include functional changes compared to the current release version of the viewer (

Because the arrival of the Google Breakpad viewer and the StatTest viewer pushed the total number of RCs in the release channel to seven, the Project Interesting RC viewer (, the SL Voice RC viewer ( and the Sunshine / AIS v3 RC viewer ( have been temporarily withdrawn from the release channel (all were incidentally due a rebuild anyway).

Both of the latter two RCs will be returning to the release channel, most likely in updated versions, once the total number of RCs currently in the channel has been reduced.

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