SL projects updates 12/1: Group chat

There’s not a lot to report a present this week in terms of ongoing project work from the Lab.

Server Deployments: week 12

There are no server deployments scheduled for week 12 on the Main channel or the RCs.

SL Viewer

On Monday March 17th, the Lab issued the latest iteration of the Google Breakpad RC, version, for the purposes of improvements to crash and statistics logging. It has been anticipated that this may be the last iteration of the Breakpad RC for a while.

It is anticipated that the remaining RCs will be updated during week 12.

Group Chat

Om March 17th, Ebbe Altberg indicated that group chat was being worked upon by the Lab via a Tweet in response to a complaint:

Ebbe-group chat

When asked about this at the Simulator User Group Meeting on Tuesday March 18th, Kelly Linden was able to say:

As Ebbe has confirmed someone is looking at and working on group chat. However it is a non-trivial problem saddled with a lot of legacy and high expectations. I have reviewed some of the changes so I do know changes are being made that sound like they will make improvements.

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  1. “saddled with a lot of legacy and high expectations.” That sums up Second Life as a whole.


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