SYC Motorboat Cruise and Raft-up 2014

In May 2008, and to mark the renaming of the SL Sailing group to the “SL Sailing Association”, a grand raft-up was organised, for a cruise around the United Sailing Sims regions (this was before the creation of Blake Sea). Some 13 classes of boat raced by the SLSA participated in that event, and a grand time was had by all.

Now, on Sunday March 16th, it’s hoped that the success of that cruise and raft-up can be repeated and exceeded with the 2014 Starboard Yacht Club’s Motorboat Cruise and Raft-up – and the event includes an open invitation for people to join the fun.


Participants are invited to gather at the Starboard Yacht Club, where, at 11:30 SLT, the festivities will kick-off with a showing of a video from the 2008 event. After this, vessels cast-off for a cruise around some of the USS regions before heading out into Blake Sea for more adventures.

Anyone with a motorboat, motor yacht or raft is invited to take part, and there are some broad guidelines provided for those who do:

  • Boats should be kept to a maximum land impact of around 100-110 – so please, no huge yachts or cruisers
  • The course will be around various regions and islands, and will involve opportunities for swimming and other activities, so a swim-suit and swim animation are advised for those wishing to take part in such activities!

Those who don’t have a boat of their own and who wish to join-in the fun are welcome to do so – there will be plenty on-hand to offer rides.

The cruise and raft-up promises to be a lot of fun, and may include one or two surprises along the way – so if you’re in the mood to join others sailing the clear blue waters of Blake Sea, why not op over to the Starboard Yacht Club on March 16th?

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With thanks to Mark Twain White for the video