The park on the rock

LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014 – click any image for full size

I was fortunate enough to be tipped the wink about LennonParkOnTheRock, a full region held by Darth Kline, which he has developed into the most incredible parkland for visitors to enjoy.

Darth’s profile pick for the region reads:

A beautiful forested parcel in a private and exclusive Island. Lennon Park on the Rock is intended to be a sanctuary, the ideal place  for you to enjoy your second life.

My home and my place of solitude. come for a visit, stay a while.

LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014

“Stay for a while.” That’s a wonderful invitation, and likely anyone visiting the region will want to do. Here is a place to wander, sit, relax, share time with a friend or two, explore or simply forget the worries of whichever world happen to be on your mind.

It’s very easy to slip into hyperbole when describing a region in Second Life, but this is one that really is visually stunning in design and execution, and packs a heck of a lot into it without ever feeling overcrowded or losing what is an entirely natural look and feel.

LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014

From the arrival point alongside what appears to be a venue for live music, you can wander along the trails and paths around the region, from the diner up to the lookout tower on the plateau overlooking the region, or down to the coastal areas, waterways and the beach. Along the way, there’s a lot to discover and see, and more than enough to keep the SL photographer snapping away left and right.

The attention to detail here is fabulous, be it in the way the footpath, stone walls and the sim itself have been carefully blended to provide a lovely route up to what might be little holiday chalets overlooking the stone bridge leading to the lighthouse, or in the way the region has been given a feeling of use and history, through the inclusion of an old car wreck, a faded sign here and there and with some of the buildings looking is if they could use a little TLC.

LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014

This is a place to be explored, rather than described; words alone cannot really do it justice. Not only is this because of the scenery or the fact that there are a fair few things to do around the region (including riding a number of rope slides for the daring), but also because there are little stories waiting in the various scenes which unfold as you explore, which demand stories of their own. Take the rusting wreckage of an old fighter plane lying half-submerged in a small lake, for example. Clearly there is a history to how it came to be there, but what is its tale? That’s for you to decide.

One thing to keep in mind should you visit is that the region has an adjoining homestead. While this enhances the look and feel of LennonParkOnTheRock by presenting a series of offshore islands, it also appears designed as a residential area, so do please be aware of people’s preference for privacy, just n case there are folk living there.

LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014LennonParkOnTheRock, March 2014

I’ve little doubt this is a place to which I’ll be returning as time allows and for as long as it remains open to public enjoyment.

Thoroughly recommended.

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