The Community Cultural Hub

The Cultural Community Hub
The Community Cultural Hub

Honour McMillan led me to the Community Cultural Hub, an undertaking by Beth Ghostraven and Ewan Bonham as members of the Virginia Society for Technology In Education, itself an affiliate of the International Society for Technology in Education.

The purpose of the Hub is to develop “a resource directory of ethnic, cultural and historical communities for use by educators and students for research and learning.” Although, as Honour noted, it’s also a useful resource for the intrepid Second Life explorer.

The Cultural Community Hub
The Community Cultural Hub

Inside the Hub are information boards on communities within SL, arranged into a number of categories (Arts, Spiritual, Educational, Historical, Countries, Social Services, and Other). Clicking on an info board delivers a note card on the named community, while upstairs, there is a bookcase where more in-depth information on many of the communities can be obtained in the form of an interview  / Q&A with one or more of the community’s leaders.

There is also an open invitation to communities which fit the overall goal of the Hub:

If you belong to a community which prides itself on cohesiveness culture, tradition, ritual, [and] values, which are embodied in the collective identity, we would like to hear from you. At the very least, we would like information on your community. At best, we would like to interview one or several community members.

The Cultural Community Hub
The Community Cultural Hub

Those who are interested in joining the Cultural Community Hub should contact either Beth Ghostraven or Ewan Bonham in-world.

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