Relay for Life Kick-off Celebration and events

logoSaturday March 8th and Sunday March 9th mark the Relay for Life of SL kick-off celebration, which will be taking place alongside a number of RFL team events being held across the grid as the 2014 Relay for Life season gets officially underway in Second Life.

There’s a lot going on, with plenty to keep people occupied and enjoying themselves,  with plenty of entertainment, music and opportunities to both fund-raise and donate to the cause.

The Kick-off Celebration

Relay For Life of Second Life kicks off it’s fundraising season on March 7-9th with a weekend FULL of celebration!  Teams have been registering and will be present at the kick-off regions with team vendors, kiosks and flags waving to show their team spirit.

On Saturday at noon the official Kick-Off Ceremony will begin.  This year’s ceremony will be presented by the 2014 Steering Committee, Stingray Raymaker, Nikki Mathieson, Dawnbeam Dreamscape and Random Padar Darrow.  It will also include a survivor speaker NickiB27 and readings from this year’s Division Chairs, Gemstone Sunkiller (Internal Support), Sunshine Zhangsun (Events/Design), Serina Juran (PR, Outreach) and Dwen Dooley (Tech).  The ceremony will conclude with the traditional PARADE OF TEAMS and with that, the 2014 RFL of SL Journey will officially begin!

Journey to Africa as a part of the RFL of SL kick-off celebrations...
Journey to Africa as a part of the RFL of SL kick-off celebrations…

So reads, in part, the official announcement of the kick-off event, some details of which I’ve previously published.

There are four regions for the Kick-off celebration, which has the theme of A Journey Through the Continents. Follow the path through the continents, from the sands and plains of Africa or through the tropical rains forests of South America and onwards around the world, passing team kiosks where you can tarry a while, join silent auctions, queue for a kiss at the kissing booths, buy merchandise and enjoy other fund-raising activities while T1 Radio broadcast music and events.

...or wander the olde worlde quays and watersaide kiosks ...
…or wander the olde worlde quays and watersaide kiosks …

The main SLurls for the kick-off celebration are:

Other Events on the Weekend

If the kick-off celebration gets a little too crowded for you, why not try hopping over to one of these events over the weekend?

And there are a slew of events through the week and beyond, all a part of RFL of SL’s 10th anniversary year – see the RFL of SL Events page for details!

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