A Little Village walk

Little Village, March 2014Little Village, March 2014 – click any image for full size

Cica Ghost officially opened her latest installation at  12:00 noon SLT on Thursday March 6th. This blog post was supposed to be a preview; then that thing call real life occurred…

Anyway, anyone who enjoys Cica’s creations is going to love Little Village. “Delight” barely covers one’s reaction on seeing this marvellous collection of whimsical houses with wobbly chimneys, huddled together in little groups or standing alone, some on level ground, others precariously straddling little hills.

Little Village, March 2014Little Village, March 2014

These are houses with character, their shapes seemingly lifted from a children’s cartoon and made real, each with its own unique character and colour (some could perhaps do with a lick of paint!), all of them vying for your attention; indeed, when camming over some of the little groups, it isn’t too hard to imagine them jostling one another for position, trying to catch your eye.

Between and around them are trees and plants, little footpaths running here and there – and nowhere in particular – while rickety fences dot the landscape. There’s a simple, glorious charm to the entire setting, one which belies the care and detail put into the work. Can you spot the cats in the windows, or find places to sit and watch the world go by?

Little Village, March 2014Little Village, March 2014

I understand from talking to Ziki Questi that Erythro Asimov provided the region so that Cica could build her Little Village, so we him a vote of thanks for doing so, just as Cica deserves a word or two of thanks as well for once more sharing her whimsy with us.

But don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourself; you’re sure to find yourself smiling.

Little Village, March 2014Little Village, March 2014

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