Merchant Outbox viewer reaches release candidate status

Even with Direct Delivery being the norm now for SL Marketplace deliveries, some SL merchants are still experiencing problems with the Merchant’s Outbox functionality. To help deal with this, the Lab issued a project viewer at the start of January 2014 which included a number of fixes for some of the issues being encountered.

On March 3rd, this Merchant Outbox viewer moved to the viewer release channel as a release candidate viewer – version The core issues addressed by this viewer are listed in the release notes as:

  • ACME-1219 Merchant Outbox viewer crashes on Exit on Windows 7
  • ACME-1220 User needs to click OK twice to dismiss Merchant Outbox notification
  • ACME-1221 Merchant Outbox Initialization fails with 404 error with new account in Merchant Outbox viewer
  • MAINT-2287 Merchant Outbox panel unusable and unrecoverable if outbox folder disappears
  • MAINT-2301 Send to Marketplace from Merchant Outbox says it fails when it doesn’t
  • MAINT-2452 Merchant outbox with genuine failure “409 conflict” causes all further imports to fail
  • MAINT-3319 Merchant outbox: Second Life 3.6.8 (282375) build – results when user has a merchant outbox misplaced in inventory.
  • MAINT-3320 Viewer crash when deleting trash which contains Merchant Outbox

(Note that while JIRA links are given, they will result in a permission violation warning until such time as the JIRA is re-opened, which is anticipated for later in week 10.).

So, if you have been encountering issue with the Merchant Outbox, and while it may not solve all woes, it might be worth giving this release candidate a try. Hopefully, with the release of this RC, the code should also now more readily filter through to TPVs in the coming weeks / months.

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