Fantasy Faire 2014: dates and some initial details

Fantasy Faire 2013Fantasy Faire 2013: Lumenaria

Trying to catch-up on a backlog of blog reading, I came across an update from Sonya Marmurek on the Fantasy Faire website announcing some of the details for this year’s event. The post was made on February 17th, and I’m not entirely sure how I missed it, as I’m sure I’ve looked at the FF website between then and now … Anyway, Sonya informs visitors to the site that:

Fantasy Faire 2014 will take place in the Fairelands unlike anything you’ve seen before, the lands change shape every year and every year they become better.

This year, the Faire will take place during the eleven days of Thursday May 1st through to Sunday May 11th inclusive.

Fantasy Faire 2013Fantasy Faire 2013: Magnificat

Interestingly, there will be a few changes in organisation this year. most notably, open applications for merchants will be limited in number, and will be available “some time after” Saturday March 15th.  As Sonya explains in the blog post, this is because:

The Faire is old and established and there are plenty of creators who are as much an integral part of it as the Fairelands themselves and we will first scribe in those registrations.

This announcement may give rise to some concern among merchants who might be wanting to participate in the Faire for the first time, but it’s also understandable as well; anyone who regularly travels through the Fairelands each year will be familiar with the excitement and pleasure of coming across “old friends” and seeing how they’re integrated presenting their goods into the year’s theme, and many creators really are as much a part of the event as the fabulous builds created each year and in which the Faire is hosted.

Fantasy Faire 2013Fantasy Faire 2013: Titan’s Hollow

Last year’s Faire was something very special; the conception and design of the Faireland regions added up to something quite extraordinary in look and feel, and I felt a tremendous sense of involvement during my wanderings through each of the ten regions, all of which seemed to present a continuing, evolving story to me and encouraged me to write about my explorations as if I were on a journey. I don’t know if my Traveller muse will return this year, but I’m very much looking forward to witnessing all that unfolds in the run-up to the Faire and the event itself.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire 2014: dates and some initial details

  1. aww last year’s Fantasy Faire was my first as merchant, tho really i sold only RFL things, so perhaps exhibitor is better descriptor. anyway, i am certainly hoping i make the cut for this year. at any rate, it was FAB, i can’t wait to see this year’s magic


    1. News on slots & how to apply should be coming out soon – possibly sooner than March 15th.


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