SL9B first: water sims!

With 20 sims now being supplied by Dream Seeker Estates, Fruit Islands and Kitty CatS, as well as six from an anonymous donor, further details on the make-up of the sims has been released.

  • Seven full sims and two part-sims are available for exhibitors, providing between 250 and 300 1024sq parcels, each with a Land Impact of 234 (mesh builds are welcome at SL9B)
  • In an SLB first, two sims will be 100% water!
    • One of these will be available for exhibitors – so if your planned build at SL9B is suited for water, please indicate this on your application form
    • The other water sim will feature a stage either above, below (or both) the water. This will be a mesh build and is being contributed by Kazuhiro Aridian
  • Three other sims will be devoted to this year’s entertainment: one solely for DJs, one for live events, and the theatre / cake stage. Mikati Slade is supplying this year’s cake, so be ready for something very unique!
  • As there will be other SL9B events going on around the grid, The will be a dedicated Birthday Hub, which will be used to display information on other events being held in-world, so if you are planning an event, drop a message into the SL9B website.

If you wish to stay abreast of news relating to SL9B, join The SLB Community in-world.

SL9B is being organised by residents, for residents – there is no direct involvement from Linden Lab. Along with the festivities there will be fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, a charity supported by Dream Seeker Estates.

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