Floating in my tin can …

Another few months have passed, so a few weeks ago I decided it was time to pack-up my last home (which used the convex hull physics form) and try something new. Three things prompted the change this time. First off, when it comes it “living” in SL, I really don’t need a big house; with the last build, I got things down to a lounge and bedroom, although the latter was really superfluous to my needs – but the place was still somewhat big and I felt I wanted something a little more compact. Secondly, Spikeheel was nudging me to do “something sci-fi”. Finally, I was also working on a custom commission to convert one of my IPD skyspheres, so I had the Build Bug once again.

Well, there’s also the fact I never stay happy with any one build for particularly long…

Inspiration proved a little difficult to start. I did consider simply buying something; but nothing really appealed after looking around – although shape-wise, what I’ve finished up with owes a nod or two to the work of Blaze Nielsen.

Little floating home

My new home is pretty much oval in shape, with plenty of window space and enough room for my essentials all contained in a single “room”. Seating is provided via a sculpt kit by **aviSTYLe**, and two home-built “swivel chairs” and table. As such, this is the first build where I’ve largely dispensed with Ample Clarity’s PrimPossible range – but only because the lounge sets don’t really fit with the theme, and I have retained my piano :). I’ve again included a bed, more for appearances than anything else, and have pedestals for my two favourite sculptures (one of which is a magnificent mesh bust by the remarkable Claudia222 Jewell). To complete the basic set-up, I added a couple of plants for some nice greenery.


As always, I’ve opted for scripted lighting rather than baked (which never look particularly great to me anyway; not the way I mangle attempts), with a ring light around the ceiling dome and a set of additional scripts in the sculpture pedestals. These are set to bathe the place in a soft turquoise that is intended to match the carpet tone and interior highlights.

By night

As I’ve been working with texture changers elsewhere, and as this build sort-of originated from a “space station” idea, I flipped a couple of the scripts for use here, adding a sphere around the place, the inner surface od which I can either turn transparent for uninterrupted views of sky and sea, or upon which I can display suitable “space views” to heighten the illusion of being in orbit.

“Here am I sitting in my tin can / Far above the world….”
Sunrise sonata…

Not sure how long this place will last, but it’s home for now :).