Cerridwen’s Cauldron: brewing-up a region of delights

I will confess that, until Fantasy Faire, I was unaware of Elicio’s Ember’s work in Second Life – much to my shame. However, his builds at Nu Orne and Siren’s Secret completely enthralled me, for reasons I’ve touch upon elsewhere. Following the Faire, I decided to make Elicio’s own sim the focus of a Virtual Destinations visit, eager to see what lay there.

It was more than worth the visit.

Cerridwen’s Cauldron is both the location of Elicio’s main store, and a beautiful sim to explore and see a range of his creations in a very natural location. The store itself is located up in the sky, so as not to intrude on the sim itself – although though be told, the store is as much a work of art as the sim itself: a marvellous floating palace-like structure, complete with nearby ivory tower.

Elicio’s store: floating palace

Walkways around the build encourage you to explore, and vendor boards are all tastefully displayed to blend with the overall build. You can spend an hour here alone, just exploring and admiring the glorious attention to detail.

The Dragon centrepiece in the main store “lobby”

I really do encourage you to wander here; you never know what you’ll find that will look perfect in your home or garden, or might fit the theme of your parcel / sim. Not only that, but there are real treasures here simply to enjoy.

Beautiful hanging garden

The teleport itself – located at the main arrival point – will help in getting you around. This will take you up to the art exhibit (among other destinations), featuring Elicio’s own artwork, and which has walkways leading to the very upper levels of the main structure. There are many reasons why I’m enamoured of Elicio’s builds. One is the care with which they have been constructed to look glorious almost any time of day – or night. The texturing / lighting is just a joy.

By night

Another reason for my infatuation is that – again as I’ve mentioned during my explorations of Nu Orne and Siren’s Secret – is that I find strong, but very subtle resonances within Elicio’s builds. At Nu Orne, for example, I was put in mind of my visits to Sri Lanka – although, truth be told, there was little direct resemblance between the two. Down on the ground, Cerridwen’s Cauldron is the same.

The sim

Again, there is no obvious reason for this; if anything, the styling of the sim should put me more in mind of, say Thailand or Malaysia; and it did take me a while to work out why the resonance is so strong (outside of my abiding love for Sri Lanka); It wasn’t until I started the climb from the beach to the Earth Temple that I realised why, and I’m sure anyone who has climb Sigiriya will pick-up on the similarities as they climb the stairs up the rock-face here.

Memories of Sigiriya

As with the sky store, there is a lot to explore and discover here, and teleports abound to help you get around, although I personally found it a lot more interesting to explore on foot – you’ll be surprised as to what you might find. Nor are you limited to just feet and teleports when exploring – there is another mode of transport (which is another reason I love Elicio’s builds).

The sim does appear to have some Windlight presets of its own, but I admit that I found it preferable to use my own client-side presets; this may actually have encouraged my feelings that the sim reminds me of Sri Lanka, as I do opt for setting that give a tropical-like feel to places. I don’t recommend the one over the other, but I do recommend that you pay the sim a visit – and don’t miss out on the sky store.

Here are some of my highlights.


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