Kirsten’s Viewer: possible way forward?

Many of us reported last week that development on Kirsten’s Viewer had been suspended due to Dawny being ill. As a consequence of her illness, Kirstenlee has had to seek full-time employment as well as needing more time to care for her.

Today, Hamlet Au published an interesting piece on the fact that if the (approx. 8,500) users of Kirsten’s Viewer were to each donate $6.00, then work could continue on the Viewer for an entire year. That’s not $6 a month – it’s $6.00 per person in total, or 50c a month.

Let me be clear here – as Hamlet is – this is neither Dawny nor Kirstenlee asking for money – this is a suggestion coming from Hamlet following-on from a conversation he had with Dawny. It’s not entirely clear what Kirstenlee’s views are – although I’d be surprised if they were any different to Dawny’s; the Viewer has been a major part of their lives for a long time now, and they have both put heart and soul into it, together with the rest of the team.

Hamlet isn’t suggesting people start donating right away – but rather they use the Kirsten’s Viewer site to register moral support – with dollars possibly coming later, once details have been worked out, and potential options looked at.

One thought on “Kirsten’s Viewer: possible way forward?

  1. Another way forward is to take it Open Source. If you can find a couple of key programmers, and a few others willing to help, you can host the project on a site like sourceforge and gather community support for the development. There are a number of very successful open source development projects, including Linux, PostgreSQL, FreeBSD, and of course the entire GNU project, to name just a few.


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