Firestorm Mesh Beta released

firestorm-logoThis is a summary report only, due to the circumstances of the release. A full review on the Firestorm Mesh Beta will be forthcoming, complete with a detailed list of all new features and an overview of fixes.

Following the Phoenix Hour today, the Phoenix Firestorm team have released a BETA version of Firestorm with mesh object rendering support.

The release is not to be regarded as a full release – more work is required.

Furthermore, the team has specifically requested anyone wishing to download the release to read the accompanying notes before downloading and trying the Viewer as there are some critical issues.

There is also a list of known bugs that Firestorm has inherited from Linden Lab. These are already known about and the team request people do not raise further JIRAs on them again, please read the list before reporting bugs.

Other points to note:

  • nVidia 400-series and above graphics cards may be prone to immediate crashing on running the Viewer if Basic Shaders are enabled. This again is a bug inherited from Linden Lab, and users of 400-series and above nVidia cards are asked not to enable Basic Shaders
  • The release should clear settings and cache as a part of the installation. If you wish to preserve chat and IM logs, and set them to the default locations, make sure you move them elsewhere first
    • Should settings / cache not be automatically cleared, people should go to PREFERENCES -> NETWORK & CACHE and use the button there to clear settings and cache and then relog
  • This release does not include the spell check option – this will be added in the final release; all effort has gone into responding to user demands to provide a version of Firestorm that can render mesh objects
  • Mesh uploads are not in this release – the code needs further work.
Jessica (r) and Phaylen at today’s show

The following feature are included in the release (not definitive):

  • Default settings log-in mode options (choose between V2, Phoenix, Firestorm “UI”)
  • Custom Viewer tag colours
  • Contact Sets
  • Phoenix Friends List permissions
  • Phoenix particle beam effects
  • Built-in flight assist (via the Bridge) – turn on via Preferences as can cause problems if 2 flight assists running – no boost
  • Script count in pie / context menus
  • Auto-correct
  • Font options to change the UI font (be aware some fonts may not “fit” UI default button sizes, etc.)
  • New Starlight skin offerings
  • Drop-down for all volume controls (top right, with main volume controls)
  • Nearby Voice has sliders
  • Camera Target hints can be fully disabled
  • Improved camera floater controls
  • Improved OpenSim capability (with thanks to Kokua / Imprudence) – but this *unsupported*

I hope to have an in-depth review of the Beta release out in the next 24 hours.

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