A World of Fairytales and Beauty in Second Life

Dragon Sanctuary Gallery: World of Fairytale and Beauty

For their first exhibition of 2022 Dragon Sanctuary Gallery presents World of Fairytale and Beauty, a joint exhibition of art spanning the virtual and physical worlds presented by the Second Life partnership of Orpheus Paxlapis-Savior (OrpheusofDarkness) and Viktor Savior (ViktorSavior). Within it, Orpheus offers rich selection of avatar-inspired art, and Viktor more of his real-world paintings.

Located on the ground floor of the gallery, Orpheus presents 37 images that most clearly carry the fairy tale and beauty aspects of the exhibition. And if you are unfamiliar with his name, it might be for good reason: its marks his first public exhibition of art within Second Life – and he only started placing his images on Flickr in May 2021.

Dragon Sanctuary Gallery: World of Fairytale and Beauty

His work has a distinct clarity of style, one that carries a strength of narrative  / story with in, as is very apparent in the images he has selected for this exhibition. Offered as pairs and groups, they carry us to the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome, and those of the Celts, elves, shamen, warriors, princesses and more; the figures drawn of the imagination, yet capturing the essence of our ancient past and the richness of fantasy and fairy tale. Gently and lightly post-processed, these are pieces that are instantly engaging to the eye and imagination.

On the upper floor of the gallery, Viktor offers a collection of 38 paintings he created in the physical world and has uploaded to the virtual. Offering  a mix of flowers and plants, landscapes and seascapes that have the beauty of watercolours and the rich depth of colour oft found in oils that together present the beauty and world elements of the exhibition.

Dragon Sanctuary Gallery: World of Fairytale and Beauty

Mixed with the flora and landscape paintings are a number of abstract pieces that again offer Viktor’s richness of colour and presentation. However, what is particularly engaging with the works is that a number of them are digital copies of pieces he displayed at physical world exhibitions in Italy, Spain and Mexico in 2021.

Offering highly individual styles that nevertheless offer a balance of art from the physical world and from within Second Life, World of Fairytale and Beauty is a captivating and appealing exhibition that opened on January 4th, 2022, offering plenty of time (at the time of writing this piece!) for people to visit and appreciate. When doing so, use the teleport disk at the main landing point to reach the gallery (select “*Exhibit*”).

Dragon Sanctuary Gallery: World of Fairytale and Beauty

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