Love and Friendship Italian style in Second Life

Amore Italiano, January 2022 – click any image for full size

February is almost upon us and with its arrival, many people’s thoughts will turn to love, romance – or at least to new friendships and what they might bring. And those who are seeking or have and would like to share any of the three with loved ones could do no better than to take a trip to Amore Italiano, a Full region using the Private island LI bonus, held by Mr Lukas Aduviri (Aduviri) and his partner Mrs Emma Aduviri (CheekyEmma) whose childhood memories serve to guide builder Lily Cloud.

Bringing together multiple aspects of Italy, from its long coast to its rolling green hills; with touches of famous landmarks, villas, and historical elements that speak to the country’s history, and piazzas and terraces that we often regard as “typically Italian” with their fountains and outdoor café seating, this is a place rich in life and romance.

Amore Italiano, January 2022

Now, admittedly, at the time of my visit parts of the region were still a work-in-progress, but these shouldn’t deter visitors from dropping in, as there is a lot to see and appreciate – and the fact that work is still underway mark this as a place that is growing in appeal and depth. There is no enforced landing point for the region – but visitors do best if they take the one offers in the region’s heart and the SLurls given here. Sitting within the town square, it is where visitors can learn about the region’s special events for the month of romance.

The square, surrounded by the neat façades of Italian townhouses, is dominated by a large church that looks out across it and its fountains to where broad stairways and paved, raised walkway lead the way to where a stone pavilion looks out over the open sea, a fitting venue for the weddings the region is in part intended to host. But whilst the pavilion might be the actual focal point for weddings, the walk from the church down to it makes a fine processional way.

Amore Italiano, January 2022

Beyond the town are multiple places to explore – some of which, as noted, are still in a state of flux. To the south-west a tall replica of St Mark’s Campanile rises into the sky, so high that clouds cling to its side. Located on its own island, the tower sits within the crenelated curtain walls of what might have once been a castle but which is now, thanks to the corner falls and the pool below them, forms a further romantic setting.

Those who prefer can a walk along the path that runs above the local canal to the south of the town. This canal connects a stream falling from the eastern hills the sea to the west and is spanned by the broad bridge. Along the waterside way are plenty of places to sit and enjoy another staple of Italy – an expresso or other coffee drink, to be supped under the shade of octagonal parasols – whilst across the bridge sits an upmarket restaurant sitting within the buildings and courtyard of what might have nonce been a grand country villa, but which now offers a further a further soupçon of romance and relaxation.

Amore Italiano, January 2022

Steps from one end of the canal path rise into the western hills to join a path that runs along the hilltops and around to the north. Here the hills gently descend to where a little wooden bridge spans a second stream to curl around and reach another romantic setting (still under construction at the time of my visit), a second stone bridge offering a route back to the pavilion and its promenade walk.

The landing point also offers a teleport board for those wishing to hop to the major points of interest, and this plus the information boards located with it reveal further attractions to the region, such as the Pantie Hunt. Part of a broader charity event being held on behalf of Relay for Life of Second Life, this offers clues to points of interest, each one with a further clue and a chapter of a story of romance between couples. Collect all the clues, and you gain entry into the charity prize draw.

Amore Italiano, January 2022

Several more charity activities can be found on the That’s Amore sky platform. Here, organised in association with the One More Light RFL of Second Life team (as is the Pantie Hunt), one can find a  number of auctions (and offer oneself up as a prize!) or purchase some of the items on sale. All of the proceeds from the auctions and the sales go directly to RFL of SL. Those visiting the sky platform can also visit the That’s Amore Café and the Silkywood bar with its music space.  The auctions all run through until February 11th, 2022, so there’s still plenty of time to tour and enter, should the mood take you.

Nicely detailed, with walks, cuddle spots and opportunities for photography, Amore Italiano offers much, even if you are not drawn by romance and love on their own.

Amore Italiano, January 2022

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