Lab deploys increased LI allowance to private regions in Second Life

Update, December 7th: the additional 10K LI option is now available –  see here or here for details.

Update:The Lab has now blogged on this – see: More Prims for Everyone!

On Tuesday, November 29th, the Lab ran a rolling restart across regions on the Main channel which saw the increased LI / prim allowances for private regions on that channel come into effect.

As I’ve previously reported, the prim increase started to appear with Mainland regions on Tuesday, November 1st with the change indicated in a blog post from the Lab. However, full details on the changes weren’t released until Thursday, November 3rd, with an interview with Patch Linden, Senior Director of Product Operations at Linden Lab, in this blog, and a Designing Worlds special held on the same day.

Following the Main channel restart on Tuesday, November 29th. private regions on that channel now have the following standard land capacity allowances:

  • Private full region: 20,000 LI
  • Private Homestead region: 5,000 LI
  • Private OpenSpace: 1,000 LI

In addition, landholders directly responsible for full regions will be able to further increase the capacity on those regions to 30,000 LI for an additional monthly payment of US $30 to Linden Lab (with a one-off $30 upgrade payment, and a single additional $30 downgrade payment should they later opt to remove the additional 10K allocation). Details on this will be announced soon.

Private full regions now have a standard 20,000LI capacity (with an option further 10K available at a fee of US $30 a month)
Private full regions now have a standard 20,000 LI capacity (with an optional further 10K available at a fee of US $30 a month)

There is a server maintenance package deployment scheduled for the three RC channels (Magnum, LeTigre and BlueSteel) on Wednesday, November 30th, and this should see the LI increase deployed to private regions on those channels as well.  Once completed, this will mean region capacities across the grid will be:

  • Full Regions:
    • Mainland: 22,500 (from 15,000)
    • Private estates:
      • 20,000 (from 15,000) at the same tier price OR
      • 30,000 for an additional US $30 a month (+a one-off US $30 conversion fee to add / remove the extra 10K allowance) – this option to be launched soon.
  • Homesteads: 5,000 (Mainland and private) – from 3750.
  • OpenSpace: 1,000 (Mainland and private) – from 750.

So there you have it. Let the building begin!

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