Mont Saint Michel now gone from Second Life

Mont Saint Michel - now departed Second Life
Mont Saint Michel – now departed Second Life

Update November 21st: Mont Saint Michel is back on the grid, same SLurl.

Several people have contacted me over the last couple of days concerning Mont Saint Michel, Second Life.

In September 2015, and following Ciaran Laval’s lead, I reported the region would apparently be closing at the start of October, the news of the closure having been given by Moeka Kohime via her Flickr stream.

It seemed the news was premature; come November 2015, Petr Hastings-Vanbeeck dropped me a line to say the region was still alive and kicking. It continued to be that way through early 2016 and on through the year.

However, at the start of September 2016, Tyche Sepherd listed the region as one of 55 removed from the grid at the end of August, 2016 – almost a year after notice was first posted of its departure from SL. It’s not clear why the region remained so long after notice was first given; attempts to contact region holder Moeka kohime without success – but suffice it so say, many were pleased to see it continue well beyond its stated date of expiration.

The build, pre-dating mesh, was a fine example of prim architecture in Second Life, and a beautiful reproduction of the physical world place. It was a region many of us enjoyed visiting time and again (I still remember my first visit there back in 2011, and made a point of returning around once a year thereafter, blogging about it in brief again in 2013). As such, I have little doubt it is a place that will be missed by many.

With thanks to chankingyin_hk (Flickr), Silvana Cassini, Jo Yardley and John Brianna for passing along information about the region’s removal. 

9 thoughts on “Mont Saint Michel now gone from Second Life

  1. It is indeed sad that Mont St. Michel is gone but there is hope that since the pattern remains deep in LL’s “vaults” that it may return now and again as an artwork of prim construction. One wonders if it wouldn’t qualify for the Linden Endowment for the Arts program, perhaps as a seasonal display of what could be done with prims rather than mesh.
    If SVARGA remains, then Mt. St. Michel could also remain as a showplace for the magic that is Second Life.

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  2. It’s a real shame and another loss for Second Life. It would of been nice to see the region saved by someone else or by the lab.

    I guess there wasn’t enough notice for the Second Life community to help to save the amazing build.


  3. Those are sad news again. It’s also sad that there seem to be no LL moles working on the public works anymore. LL seems to be investing in Sansar only.


    1. Have no fear, the moles are still hard at work :). There is a fairly major project now on the horizon – as people are beginning to see via Tyche Shepherd’s Grid Survey and peeps at the world map (have a look for the “HIH” regions). I’ve been in contact with the Lab for some while about it, and hope to have a detailed article available soon.


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