The abbey on the hill

It’s been two years since I first blogged about Mont Saint Michel in Second Life. As I’ve been having a few issues with my GPU when logged-in the Second Life – particularly when taking snapshots with the various bells and whistles active – I stopped by the Mont in order to try things out after having fiddled with drivers and such-like, and grabbed a couple of snaps.

Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint Michel (windlight; no post-processing)

There have been a few changes over the years since my first review, with the “car park” region having long since vanished and a few more cars now on the island itself.

This is a great place to explore, with shops and parks to wander through en route up to the abbey itself and – for those willing to find it, a hidden secret which I actually missed during my original visit, but had to go back and find after several friend nudged me in the right direction.

If you’ve not paid a visit in the past, I cannot help but recommend you do.

Mont Saint-Michel (post-processed)
Mont Saint Michel (post-processed)

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