April at The Living Room

Eleseren Briana at The Living Room
Eleseren Briana at The Living Room

Tuesday, April 5th sees the opening of the latest exhibition at The Living Room, the art and music venue operated by Owl, Daallee and Nora. This month sees a further double-header, featuring the images of Bluesrocker and Eleseren Briana.

Eleseren is just ramping-up her focus as a photographer in Second Life, although she has previously exhibited her work at Dreanz and Visionz in Inworldz, with The Living Room marking her fifth exhibition in Second Life.

Trained as an illustrator in the physical world, Eles is perhaps best known as a fashion and couture model in Second Life, so her photographic work is understandably focused in that direction, but certainly not limited to fashion shots. Rather, she demonstrates a measured eye for composition and colour which brings depth and beauty to her landscape work as well, as demonstrated in several of the pieces displayed at The Living Room.

Bluesrocker at The Living Room
Bluesrocker at The Living Room

“I’ve been involved in the arts most of my life. Coming from a musical background, I have had a very keen appreciation of the creative process, whether it be in music,  the performing arts,painting, writing or photography,” Bluesrocker says of his photography. “I much prefer shooting out on location in the multitude of amazing sims which populate SL than in a studio, as I feel I get much better results that way.”

The majority of pieces Bluerocker presents at The Living Room are avatar studies which marvellously demonstrate his ability to create a  rich narrative with a single image, making this a captivating display of his work.

Bluesrocker at The Living Room
Bluesrocker at The Living Room

The April exhibition will officially open at 12:00 noon SLT at The Living Room on Tuesday, April 5th, with music from Camme {CC} Carver. It will remain open through until Tuesday, April 26th, when there will be a closing party again at 12:00 noon SLT, featuring Mimi Carpenter. In addition, there will be a special celebration featuring Eleseren’s work taking place at Holly Kai Pavillion, Holly Kai Park on Saturday, April 9th at 12:00 noon SLT, featuring the music of Christopher Quan (formal attire requested).

Don’t forget the monthly music sessions at The Living Room, either! On Thursday, April 14th the The Living Room will host Tone Uriza from 17:00 SLT, followed by Key Drammondof from 18:00 SLT. Then, on Thursday, April 21st, there will be three hours of music, starting at 16:00 SLT with Engramma, then Oblee at 17:00 SLT, before finishing with The Vinnie Show at 18:00 SLT.

Eleseren Briana at The Living Room
Eleseren Briana at The Living Room

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