Fantasy Faire 2016: a Preview video

Lucentia - Fantasy Faire 2016
Lucentia – Fantasy Faire 2016

Fantasy Faire 2016 has opened its gates, and will run through until Sunday, May 1st. It brings together everyone with a love of fantasy  – enthusiasts, creators, performers and designers  – for eleven days of commerce, special events, live music concerts and more, all to help raise funds for Relay for Life of Second Life.

Rather than write a long preview to this years event – which once again offers some of the most fantastic region builds seen in a virtual world to present visitors with a set of connected realms – I decided to put together a preview video. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing you in the Fairelands!

Faireland SLurls


Gravity is a Mistake in Second Life

Gravity is a Mistake
Gravity is a Mistake – I get some unusal headgear and accessories, Caitlyn discovers gravity, if not a mistake, might be a myth …

Now open for all to enjoy is the latest installation by Eupalinos Ugajin, Gravity is a Mistake. As one can always expect from Eupa, this is an involved, interactive and above all, fun installation to which additional elements will be added over time.

It’s also a piece that is experience-led, so on arrival, you’ll be asked to join something called – in difference to the title of the installation – “Le Cactus”. Respodning with Yes grants you seamless interaction with the piece, and is a necessary part of Gravity is a Mistake. As with all experiences, remember that the permissions granted on joining will be automatically revoked when you leave the Gravity is a Mistake region, so there is no worry about what might happen elsewhere.

Gravity is a Mistake
Gravity is a Mistake – the starting point

Once you have accepted the experience, you’ll notice a couple of HUDs have attached to your screen on the right. The upper one will detach (if necessary), the other will teleport you back to the start of the ravine you’ll be delivered to on stepping through the doorway of the landing point.

This ravine cuts through a strange island. Objects are littered along and over the ravine (and scattered about the island), leading to a circular opening in the middle of the island. The key here is interaction; as you make your way down the ravine, be prepared to touch objects (and have some touch you!). Exactly what happens on touching an object is open to question. But remember, this is Eupa, so tongue is firmly in cheek, and a sense of humour will carry you forward. You may find yourself in receipt of a gift, doing a mad little dance, or unexpectedly wearing something, being transported to another part of the island, offered web page to look at …

Gravity is a Mistake
Gravity is a Mistake – The shape of things to come?

At the far end of the ravine sits a rather unique dragon. He’s determined to guard the circular opening, once a swimming pool, but now a public library. Getting past him may take some figuring out, but look for the door that comes with scales 🙂 .

The library is designed to be the second part of the build, which Eupa hopes will see those invited to join the project to add builds, sounds, and interactive elements of their own which can be enjoyed by visitors who manage to get past the dragon. As it is, entry will see you into a “gravity free” zone, offering me opportunities for fun!

Gravity is a Mistake
Gravity is a Mistake – the library awaits

In introducing the piece, Eupa notes the inspiration came from The Centrifuge Brain Project, an equally tongue-in-cheek mockumentary, well worth watching. And after playing in Gravity is a Mistake and watching the video, you’re still in the mood for silliness, hop up to Le Cactus bar, Maya Paris’ celebrated creation from times past, and which Eupa invited her to recreate here. You can reach it via the teleport at the top of the island, and read about it here.

All told – fun and silliness, and worth having local sounds on for as well!

SLurl Details

  • Gravity is a Mistake (Rated: Moderate)


Fantasy Faire 2016: Tale of Exiles hints and tips

Via Fantasy Faire
Via Fantasy Faire

This year, Fantasy Faire once again presents the hunt in an expanded, story-based quest in which visitors to the Fairelands are invited to participate.

As the Bard Queen’s Emissary to the beleaguered races of the realm once called Belfience, but now cast under the darkness of the Unweaver and called Malfience,  those joining the quest are tasked with finding the Exiles from that once peaceful land, and with their support undo the evil of the Unweaver and bring healing to the land.

To help you play your role to the fullest, here are some hints and suggestions to start you on your way.

Getting Started

There are two versions of the HUD available through the special RFL of SL vendors, which are prices as follows:

  • L$250 – provides you with the quest HUD and tools to get you going
  • L$350 – provides you with the quest HUD and tools to get you going and male and female Emissary costumes so you can be more in character – and it will help you recognise other Emissaries, so you can help and support one another!
You must accept the experience by clicking Yes to participate
You must accept the experience by clicking Yes to participate

When you have purchased your HUD package wear it, and then touch it to unpack the contents to a folder in your Inventory called FF2016 The Tale of Exiles. This contains 3 game elements which must be worn: the Game HUD, and two attachments simply called “Attach Me” and “Attach Me 2”.

On wearing the HUD, a scroll will open on your screen with some important information. – please read it through and then click it to close it.

Your viewer’s World Map will open, together with an invitation for you to join The Tale of Exiles experience (shown right) – you may have to move your world map to one side to see this.

Make sure you click YES to accept the experience, as this will ensure that things behave correctly as you go.


As with most HUD-based activities, the HUD tracks your progress, provides hints, and for the quest, provides access to various options, of which Teleport and Inventory at the top let and right are probably going to see the most use – toggle to open / close.

The HUD – tracks your progress, provides hints, etc.

Teleport opens a list of the Fairelands (above left), clicking on the name of one will display the World Map, allowing you to teleport to it. Note that the destinations are not necessarily where the Exiles are – although some might be closer than others!

Inventory records the various items you collect during the quest (above right). You can page through the items using the back and forward buttons and – at the appropriate time in your quest, click on Use to make use of the displayed item.

Click Help to obtain a note card describing the rest of the functions.

Saving Progress

You don’t have to complete the quest in a single go; the HUD will record your progress and items collected, allowing you to leave and do other things, and then return to the quest later. You can remove the HUD (and other attachments) on leaving the Fairelands / breaking off from your quest, and then re-attach them when you return to the Fairelands or want to resume your quest.

However, if you want to be completely assured your progress has been saved before stopping, click Setup > Save.

Reloading Progress

Occasionally, things do go wrong in Second Life. If you find your HUD is misbehaving, or failing to display the right information, click Setup > Reload. This should force the HUD to reload information from the quest database and correct problems.

Game Play Guidelines

Gameplay comprises a number of chapters (indicated by the HUD) which can be divided into four parts: Heed the Bard Queen, Seek the Exiles, Find the Eggs, and Heal the Lands.

Part 1: Heed the Bard Queen

When you start the quest, the HUD will open your World Map so you can teleport to the Bard Queen – or you can use the LM supplied with the HUD package. You will also have to return to the Bard Queen once you have located and spoken to all eight of the Exiles.

  • When you arrive at the Bard Queen, click on her to converse through dialogue boxes (top right of your screen)
  • Part of the Bard Queen’s story will be told through videos displayed in your viewer. If the videos do not start automatically, click the screen. If they refuse to run, use the links in local chat to watch them on YouTube (please do not share or embed links to the videos in blogs!)

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