A studio in Second Life

The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens
The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens

I’ve often said that I don’t classify myself a photographer or artist. While I do travel far and wide across Second Life visiting regions and art installations and taking photos, amassing several thousand images as a result, I do so more for the purposes of illustrating this blog than for any attempt at artistic endeavour on my part.

Similarly, while I do publish to Flickr, and occasionally share images in various groups there, I do so more because Flickr gives me unlimited storage space when compared to the limited space offered by WordPress, which I tend to use more for images and audio used with news, opinion and update pieces.

The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens
The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens

Nevertheless, all that said, in taking up curating art exhibitions at Holly Kai Park and Holly Kai Garden, I was given the opportunity to establish my own studio at Holly Kai Garden for displaying my work for those who might like to see it in-world.

Located between the koi carp pond and the public terrace at the garden, and facing the two art terraces, it provides me with room to display 26 images, and I plan to rotate those on display on a fairly regular basis.  The split level design offers what I hope will be a cosy little seating area on the upper level, with armchairs places before a warming fire. A coffee machine on the shelf dispenses hot beverages for those in need of some caffeine 🙂 .

The Studio, Holly Kai Garden
The Studio, Holly Kai Garden

I’ve also added lighting to the studio to add a little atmosphere, so having advanced lighting enabled when visiting may add to any visit you might make, but you don’t need to necessarily have shadows enabled, so hopefully this won’t be much of a performance hit if your system does find shadows hard to handle.

The studio will be open alongside of art exhibitions on the Holly Kai Garden terraces, and while I can’t promise to always be there myself, I hope that those of you who do drop in to Holly Kai Park and / or the garden to enjoy the exhibitions staged in either, might also enjoy a visit to the studio as well.

The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens
The Studio, Holly Kai Gardens

And in terms of the park and garden, don’t forget Holly Kai Park features an outstanding group of artists in the first of the renewed Art at the Park series, which runs through until February 7th; while just opened at Holly Kai Garden is Paintings of the Dutch Masters, beautifully curated by Drw. There will be a celebratory party for the latter at the garden on Friday, January 29th   starting at 16:00 SLT, featuring the music of DJ Anthony Wesburn.

You can follow all the latest updates concerning Holly Kai Park and its facilities via the Holly Kai website.

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10 thoughts on “A studio in Second Life

  1. I’d thoroughly urge anyone to go take a look at Inara’s work. Despite saying she does not classify herself as an artist – she most certainly is one.
    Her work displays an understanding of composition, of light and of tone that show a true understanding of the craft of photography. She creates beautiful images using only what is freely available to us all inworld…..Windlight settings.
    She has the eye of an artist. But not the ego of one.
    Which only goes to make seeing her work – and hopefully appreciating it – vital to anyone who considers themself to be a fan of virtual world art.


    1. Thank you Boudicca; I’m blushing furiously here on reading your words, coming as they do from a friend and someone who has a towering talent for art and images as you do. ♥.


      1. It’s not idle flattery for a friend Inara – I think we have far too much mutual respect for that.
        I’d remain quiet if I didn’t truly believe everything I have stated. I merely speak as I find.


        1. No, I didn’t take it that way, and perhaps I phrased things poorly. I’ll try again :). I deeply value your judgement as a friend and admire your talent as an artist immensely. As such I do take great stock in what you’ve written, and whilst blushing, I’m also greatly encouraged to think more positively about my own work. Thank you 🙂 .


  2. While I do the same as Inara, using my photos exclusively to illustrate my blogthingy, her photos do qualify as art by themselves. And yes, the sparse storage space on WordPress is laughable. I was recently forced to upgrade to Premium Plan, just so I can go on adding photos to my posts. Almost made me wish I would’ve stick with Google, 😉


    1. Thank you Orca. I’d got the additional storage space with WP as well.. but with all the audio files I upload, I’m fast running out! May have to use one of my other WP accounts as an overflow 🙂 .


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