Second Life project updates 40/2: viewer and misc. notes

Valyria, Calas Galadhon Halloween ; Inara Pey, October 2015, on Flickr Valyria, Calas Galadhon Halloween – opening to all on Saturday, October 3rd – blog post

Server Deployments week 40 – Recap

  • On Tuesday, September 29th, the Main (SLS) channel was updated with the server maintenance package previously deployed in week #39 to all three RC channels, comprising internal fixes to improve inventory performance.
  • On Wednesday, September 30th, the three RC channels all received the same server maintenance package, comprising: a fix for Region Debug Console help text and a fix for a server crash issue.

SL Viewer Updates

On Thursday, October 1st the Notification viewer updated to RC status with the release of version This viewer provides a new Notifications floater, which separates incoming notifications into four categories:

  • System – Displays general notifications, such as inventory transfers and friendship status changes.
  • Transactions – Displays notifications that result from Linden dollar (L$) transactions.
  • Invitations – Displays group invitations.
  • Group – Displays notices from groups you are in.

Each notification in a list can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the arrow at the bottom right of the listing. The Collapse All button to collapse any expanded notifications. Notifications can be deleted individually using the X button, or collectively for a tab using the Delete All button.

The new Notifications floater splits incoming notifications into 4 categories, as defined by the tab.
The new Notifications floater splits incoming notifications into 4 categories, as defined by the tab.

You can find out more by reading my initial overview of the viewer, provided when the viewer was first released as a project viewer.

On Wednesday, September 30th, a new Maintenance viewer RC was released. Version brings with it 90+ fixes, updates and feature requests. Please refer to the release notes for further details.

Mesh Uploader and Materials

The recently promoted mesh uploader viewer (version, appears to bring with it one or two problems when using materials in uploaded mesh models. See the notes and links on Nalates Urriah’s blog for details.

Other Items

Project Azumarill (HTTP) Viewer

The new HTTP viewer, version, released on September 8th, and known by the code name of Azumarill, has been causing some light-hearted disappointment in some quarters. It seems the viewer works so well, that for some, it spoils the game of “guess which texture will render next”, because textures can render very quickly on it!

However, these is a more irritating issue which can be encountered when using this viewer. The issue itself, which has been an intermittent problem on some viewer versions appears as an object permissions error which some people are reporting as encountering on every single log-in (see the forum thread above, and BUG-9066).

UKanDo Viewer Update

Not actually a Lab-drive SL update, but the UKanDo v3-style TPV updated to version on Wednesday, October 30th. The update sees the viewer gain parity with the LL 3.8.4 code-base (mesh uploader), and also RLV through to release 2.9.4. The the viewer’s release notes for details.