SL project updates week 13/1: server, RTLP and misc news

Server Deployments Week 13

As always, please refer to the deployment thread in the forums for the latest updates / news.

  • On Tuesday, March 24th, the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package deployed to the three RCs in week 12, comprising updates which allow the Lab to make various configuration changes without having to necessarily run a rolling restart when they have done so. It contains not actual functional changes to the simulator software
  • On Wednesday, March 25th, the three RC channels should all receive the same new server maintenance package, which is focused on inventory loss issues, and provides the Lab with better error detection and logging, improving their ability to look at some of the failure places and the removal of unused code.

SL Viewer

On Tuesday, March 24th the Avatar Hover Height (AHH) viewer, version became the de facto release viewer. Avatar Hover Height is a new feature that allows you to adjust the vertical position of your avatar within some preset limits. This is a purely graphical tweak that does not affect your position for physics purposes. For it to work properly, both you and observers watching you need to be running a supported viewer.

You can find out more information view the wiki page and / or via my overview of AHH.

Now in the release viewer: Avatar Hover Height provides a means of adjusting your avatar's graphical height above the ground / floor / objects, as seen by yourself and others
Now in the release viewer: Avatar Hover Height provides a means of adjusting your avatar’s graphical height above the ground / floor / objects, as seen by yourself and others, on-the-fly

A very slight peculiarity with AHH, which seems to work very well, that if you have camera angle moved to the “default” view looking out from behind your avatar by hitting ESC to reset your camera angle, and use the AHH function, it can also change your camera angle. However this doesn’t happen if you’re using any other camera position at the time you alter your height using AHH. This appears to be because there is some interact between the avatar’s height and the default camera position which might be expected behaviour, and may be looked at again in the future. In the meantime, it doesn’t impinge on the overall functionality of AHH.

Restore to Last Position

Note that the RC update is does not include any deprecation of the server-side message used by the restore to last position code (RLTP) used by TPVs.

Commenting on the status of any removal of the server-side support for RTLP (see here for background on this) during the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday, March 24th, Simon Linden said, “We haven’t done anything about RTLP  and it’s still officially unsupported.   There’s a long list of issues that would really make that feature work.   It would be really nice, but it’s not just fix-one-bug.”

Oz Linden then added, “We won’t disable it completely without fair warning at the TPV meeting. What I’ve done so far is just ask questions – it doesn’t count as fair warning :-).”

 Other Items

Mesh Uploader

There is currently a mesh uploader project viewer (version, which includes various improvements to the uploader, and which will most likely be progressing through to RC status and to a release status over time. However, there are still further requests for the uploader to be improved in terms of the information it displays, two of which are:

  • Better capabilities for zooming the model preview window after using the scale option, so that if the preview image is enlarged the user can zoom out further than is currently possible
  • The ability to provide an actual LI calculation while using the custom physics model upload, rather than just a convex hull measurement (see VWR-28177 “Enable Prim physics-shape-type physics weight display in upload floater”).

Both of these were raised at the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday March 24th; which doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be acted upon, but while the Lab is tinkering with the uploader, it does bring both matters back to the Lab’s attention.

10 thoughts on “SL project updates week 13/1: server, RTLP and misc news

  1. It the statistics are right, it will take many months for all to know and use this feature as i doubt firestorm will release a new version with it asap.
    But as i did finally used LL official viewer as backup, i’ll test it asap.


    1. I’m not entirely sure what feature you’re talking about here, but I’m assuming it is Avatar Hover Height. In which case, yes, it will more than likely be in the next Firestorm release, as the code has been already been merged.


    1. The camera adjustment occurs for any default camera position achieved by hitting ESC to place the camera behind the avatar as the “default” view, including Penny’s, which I have documented here as a long-running part of my small tutorials section). However, it doesn’t occur when the camera is in any other position.

      Given most people will likely have their camera set such that they can more clearly judge their avatar’s relative position to the ground or a chair or whatever, it’s probably unlikely that many will hit this particular issue because they won’t hit ESC to switch the camera back to their default view. Hence which the problem is viewed as being a slight issue.

      I’ve actually reworded the section on AAH to clarify this, as it was originally written when I had a stonking headache and perhaps wasn’t at my most lucid.


  2. So if i’m understanding, one should not hit the escape key, before playing with AHH slider, if they don’t want to revert their default camera angle. And i assume that if you do that, a relog will not revert back to default but rather one has to adjust debug settings again.
    If the code could be changed to warn if one hits the escape key before, it can have another application, a clear way of having a diff default camera angle at any chosen time without the need to mess with debug settings.


    1. The chances of someone using AHH with the camera set to its “default” via ESC are minimal at best. Most people will most like have their camera positioned and angle such that they can accurately see whatever they are aligning their avatar to / with, and so they won’t even notice the issue. It certainly wasn’t noted through the period in which the capability was being tested by LL and users when the viewer was both at project and RC status.

      And no, a relog isn’t required. Should you adjust your avatar’s height using AHH whilst the camera is in the default (ESC) position, simply reset the slider / spinner to 0.0.0, then move your camera to a suitable position and try again. This is a graphical update, and so doesn’t mess with debugs. The issue really isn’t that big.


  3. Glad to know firestorm is going to include this feature on next release.
    But i do hope that LL will truly reconsider the depreciation of return to last position, even if those who use LL official viewer or any tpv that does not have that option anymore do need to know that to many does use it daily for to many functions that otherwise would took a lot more time.
    Like someone said, if users let LL depreciate a feature what will stop them to do that with any other?


    1. No decision has been made on deprecating the server-side message that enables RTLP; the Lab is considering options. True, it may mean it does go away in time. Alternatively, it might mean that it is re-worked into something far more useful and which avoids the more common issues of inventory loss (real or perceived) which can result from the use of RTLP). It may even result in new server / viewer functionality which enables some of the more common cases for which RTLP is used. Right now we don’t know; and that’s why the Lab is saying they’ll give plenty of warning once a decision has been made – and that decision is likely to be influenced by the user feedback they’re getting via the Firestorm blog.


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