Moving islands: the movie

Moving Islands [Rafts], a round 5 AIR entrant, 2013/14, curated by Eupalinos Ugajin
Moving Islands [Rafts], a round 5 AIR entrant,conceived and curated by Eupalinos Ugajin, 2013/14
From late 2013 through early 2014, LEA 20 played host to Moving Islands [Rafts], a collaborative art installation, conceived and organised by Eupalinos Ugajin, and which involved more than than 24 artists from across SL.

The task set for each participating artist was to create a piece that freely interprets the central theme of moving islands or rafts.  Derek Michelson provided assistance with scripting and Takio Ra with sounds. The result was a collection of remarkable pieces which were eclectic, quirky, fun, different, provocative, interactive, and more, and which grew and changed through the run of the installation, as Eupa invited different artists to add works, swapped things around, and so on.

Moving Islands [Rafts], a round 5 AIR entrant in 2013/14, curated by Eupalinos Ugajin; seen here: Maya Paris' contribution
Moving Islands [Rafts], a round 5 AIR entrant, conceived and curated by Eupalinos Ugajin, 2013/14
Indeed such was the depth of the installation,  which also enfolded a further collaboration between Eupa and Ole Etzel entitled In The Belly of The Whale, I don’t think my coverage of Moving Islands [Rafts] really did justice to it.

This being the case, I was delighted when Eupa tapped me in-world to let me know there’s now an official video of the project available. I’ve taken the liberty of embedding it here – but do be sure to watch it in all it glory of Eupa’s channel as well. At just under 22.5 minutes in length, it is not short, but like the installation itself, it is an absolute delight to watch, complete with quirky sound track and sound effects which perfectly match to tone and feel of the actual installation.

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