The Fantasy Faire 2015 calendar really is yours to own!

Fantasy Faire is without doubt one of the highlights of the year for all of us involved in Second Life. As a part of the Relay for Life of Second Life season, it brings with it the opportunity to immerse ourselves in incredible worlds and places, visit stalls and shops, engage in quests, quizzes and games, participate in role-play, auctions and more – and all the time help to raise a staggering amount to assist in the fight against cancer.

But each Fantasy Faire brings with it a melancholy of its own. Eventually, after the Faire has run its course and the gates have closed, the wonderful places lovingly created for each season’s Faire “go away”, most of them never to return. All we’re left with are fading memories and the images we’ve captured and saved on our computers.

2015 Fantasy Faire calendar - yours to keep
2015 Fantasy Faire calendar – yours to keep: cover by

Which is why, in 2014, the Faire organisers ran the Dream of a Lifetime competition. In it, visitors were invited to submit up to 12 photos each to the Fantasy Faire contest Flickr group, which they felt best captured the spirit of the Faire. From this pool, a panel of judges picked 12 images to be included in a special 2015 Fantasy Faire calendar which would be printed and made available in the physical world for anyone wishing to purchase it.

Now, and right on time for Christmas, that Fantasy Faire 2015 calendar is available to buy on-line for just UK£12.18 (US$14.99 – you’ll have to check other currencies for yourselves!) + shipping.

Delivery will take around 3-5 days, so if you order quickly, you’ll have the perfect Xmas gift for family and friends. What’s more, all profits from purchases of the calendar will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.

August - Judith Lefevre
August – Judith Lefevre

The calendar contains twelve beautiful images of the fantastic kingdoms, mysterious temples and enchanted forests of Fantasy Faire 2014 that both celebrating the beauty of the Fairelands and keep their purpose alive in our hearts for the coming year. The images themselves are by:

Ursula Floresby (cover / The Faerie Court) Justen Tyme (January / Hope’s Horizon);  Alisaundra Andel (February / Asperatus);  Wildstar Beaumont (March / Palace of Tears);  Caitlin Tobias (April / Mourningvale Thicket);  Cayenne Republic (May / Fairelands Junction); Vylna Daviau (June / Heavenslough);  Gabrielle Swindlehurst (July / Wiggenstead Mooring);  Judith Lefevre (August / Medhir Woods); Tamarind Silverfall (September / Faerie Court);  CharuStar (October / Blackwater Glenn); Beq Janus (November / Hope’s Horizon);  Pokute Burt (December / Sanctum).

December - Pokute Burt
December – Pokute Burt

And that’s not all; the calendar will also be available shortly through the SL Marketplace for just L$500, so you can have it in your home in-world as well. Each Marketplace purchase will include a special extra – but I’m sworn to secrecy on that until the in-world version is available!

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