SL projects updates week 13/2: group bans, group chat

Server Deployments: week 13 – recap

there was only one update in week 13. The Magnum Rc received a new server maintenance project, comprising:

  • Crash mode fix.
  • Fixed a rare case in which certain users were unable to log in (BUG-5130)
  • Fix for a case in which multiple scripts in the same prim calling llTakeControls() with heterogenous ‘accept’ and ‘pass_on’ parameters would not receive a control() event correctly in some cases (BUG-5281)
  • Updated LSL syntax file to use a new schema (fixes STORM-2000) related to a viewer in testing and apart of STORM-1831.


SL Viewer

The StatTest viewer was updated on Thursday March 27th to version This viewer makes one change related to crash statistics gathering  has no functional changes compared to the current release viewer (download and release notes).

Also on Thursday March 27th, the Interest List RC returned to the release channel, having been temporarily removed on March 21st due to the number of RCs occupying the channel.  The return sees the viewer updated to version (download and release notes).

Group Bans List

Things have been a little quiet in this of late. speaking at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday March 27th, Baker Linden explained why. “I pushed a new version of the group ban viewer, but unfortunately, it’s still a tad unstable. I don’t know how I managed to mess up the merge this bad … I think I lost some code. Well, I’m sure I lost some code. So I’m trying to go back and fix all that, but it’s coming along.”

The latest versions of the test viewer can be obtained via the links on the Server Beta wiki page. This can be tested on Aditi, and the server-side code in active on Morris, where the Server Beta meetings are held (and the code for which has been updated to prevent people with group ban rights from banning themselves from the group…).

Group Chat

There was a further test of the group chat back-end changes during the Server Beta meeting on Thursday March 27th. This involved around the same number of people as the first test, with some remaining in one location and others moving between regions while chatting.

In both instances, viewer freezes were noted when swapping between the group chat sessions and between local chat and one or other of the group chat sessions. These would last between 2-10 seconds depending on the volume of chat going through the group channel session being swapped to, with the average freeze being around 5 seconds.

Commenting on progress with the work, Simon Linden said:

I’m cautiously optimistic I can increase the performance … which should help reliability. From what I can tell, it just can’t handle the load at times. At a small-scale group chat isn’t that difficult a problem but with possibly 42 groups per online AV, the numbers involved can start getting big … I didn’t write the group chat servers, but am just the lucky guy wading through it now. Like I said, I’m cautiously optimistic I can improve it. A re-write to a new engine would be a pretty large project … and has already been tried once.

 Further testing should be progressing to Agni and a large group in week 14.




One thought on “SL projects updates week 13/2: group bans, group chat

  1. I’ve always wondered why Linden can’t detach chat from land — have group membership be one thing and then have the land functions a subset. So if I go to a parcel and want to Rez it will check if I am allowed but not on chatting. And on entering a parcel- instead of checking if each group is allowed why not have it only scope out groups if the land DOES have a restriction. Most land doesn’t have a group restriction. Is there a way to make unrestricted land lay fallow from the checking action?

    I can talk to everyone if they have’t muted me (smiles) — I would hope the server doesn’t scan every avatar there is before letting an IM go through.

    Or can a “yes I want group chat now “button be offered?

    “your group :happy chatting has been opened – then show the first line from whatever that avatar said so you can decide if you want that session — “Do you want to follow this chat session?” If you don’t click yes then you aren’t in the active window and the calculations for your groups is not a drag.

    And those freezes — and with high pings– talked about above– are happening even when not in the chat test sims.

    Thanks for working on these projects Lindens !


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