Your Gateway to an Adult celebration of SL’s 10th birthday


The Freedom Continent is making plans for a very Adult celebration to mark SL’s 10th anniversary, and have issued an invitation to clubs, venues, stores and groups within SL’s Adult community to join with them in marking the event.

Plans are still being developed, but already 49 parcels, each of 1024 sq metres, have been made available in the Passion Bay region to the west of the Adult Hub regions, which has been kindly provided for the event by Angelic Estates.

The parcels are open to anyone involved in Adult-rated activities in Second Life – content creators, clubs, groups, and so on. To claim a parcel, interested parties need to find one to their liking on Passion Bay and then contact either Serjourn Daxter or Lexi Lock, who will set the parcel for sale for you at L$0. Once purchased, you can start work building your pavilion.

The rules for building are simple:

  • You can set the parcel to your own preferred group
  • Limited terraforming (+4 to -2 metres) is permitted
  • Prim counts limited to parcel allowance – no extra prims
  • Don’t obstruct passage between islands
  • Don’t produce builds which overhang other islands and no ban lines, or sounds penetrating neighbouring parcels, no glary, glowy items
  • Skyboxes are permitted at 1,000m or above if additional space is required
  • Be good to your neighbours.

Parcels are on a first come, first served basis.

The "SLB10A" parcels - less than a few hours after being made available and filling-up
The “SLB10A” parcels – less than a few hours after being made available and filling-up

Should demand prove popular enough, attempts will be made to secure a second region for parcels.

We refer to our event as ‘Second Life Birthday 10 ADULT’ – SLB10A for short – to avoid any confusion with the other event,” lead organiser Serjourn Daxter informed me when I caught up with her as parcels were being allocated, “After all we would not want the visitors of SL10B to accidentally land in an adult sim, would we!”

“It is all very improvised,” she went on, “and as we have no need for censorship of exhibits – we are doing things simply.” Even so, for an “improvised” event, obtaining a dedicated region on which to stage celebrations is a clear sign of good organisation – and the speed with which parcels are filling-out would suggest it is going to be a lively event!

The current plan is to gradually open the event up on a rolling basis, with the main events kicking-off on the 21st June and running through until the 29th.

Those claiming parcels can use them for events of their own – providing the above rules are followed, and in addition there is a central admin / stage area which will be available for events, and other entertainments will be held in a number of venues within the Gateway Hub regions, such as Mustang Sally’s and Billie’s Jazz Club in Blacksilk and the 2Hot2Handle club in the Adult Hub Sex region.

At the moment, the event is still in the development stage, as noted, but the parcels were filling-out fast. I’ll hopefully be able to bring further updates as plans mature and details become available. Just do bear in mind that this is an Adult-oriented celebration!

Those wishing further information on the event should contact Serjourn Daxter or Lexi Lock in-world.

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SL project updates 22 (1): server releases, SL viewer update

Server Deployments – week 22

The server channel deployments are delayed 24 hours this week due to Monday May 27th being Memorial Day in the USA. As usual, the latest updates, feedback and comments can be found on the deployment discussion thread. Anyone encountering a specific bug is asked to file a JIRA.

Second Life Server (Main) Channel

On Wednesday 29th May, the Main channel should receive the server maintenance project previously on Magnum. This includes bug fixes, comprising two for crash modes and one for BUG-2424 (Overriding “Sitting on Ground” animation while sitting on the ground makes “stand up” button disappear). This deployment also includes the LSL support to create and parse JSON-formatted strings, which also includes the bug fixes for this capability deployed to Magnum in week 21 (see my SL projects update report from week 21). Release notes.

Release Candidate Channels

On Thursday 30th May, the three Release Candidate (RC) channels should receive the interest list improvement project deployed to LeTigre in week 21. The core change in this update should reduce scene loading time when entering a new region (again, please refer to my week 21 report for background information). Release notes (BlueSteel, but applicable to all three RCs).

SL Viewer

The SL release viewer updated to on May 28th (release notes), leapfrogging it ahead of the last of the beta channel viewers. This release may include updates which may lessen the issue of “missing prims” which people have been encountering over the last couple of months.

The anticipated move of the Materials Processing project viewer to a beta release status in week 21 did not happen. The current project status is unclear, but hopefully the move to beta should occur sooner rather than later.

Other Projects

As a result of the long weekend in the USA (Memorial Day) it is currently a light week for news on the projects LL are working on for SL. Expect this to be rectified as the week progresses!

A Sparrow on the water …

My antics on the waters of Second Life have mostly been restricted to using my Second Life Premium Gift sailing boat, the odd jet ski, my fabulous Terra Stingray (which has the added advantage of going over and underwater as well as on the water), together with my equally fabulous Fishers’ Menance Neuspa.

However, I’ve just picked-up a new addition to my little flotilla: an E-Tech Sparrow 4(.1) I decided to grab one after Spikeheel Starr pointed to them on the Marketplace, where they are on a special limited-time offer.

The Sparrow ready to go
The Sparrow ready to go

I’d been familiar with E-Tech, Envy Melody’s brand, under its old title of MC Yachts, for a while – so being able to pick-up one of her boats at the offer price of L$399 was a bit of a no-brainer.

This new version of the Sparrow boasts a range of improvements over earlier versions – reduced prim count / land impact (something I’ll come back to), improved scripting, and so on. The style is that of a powerful motor cruiser rather than a yacht, and it is very sleek and good-looking. The open cabin provides sufficient seating for up to eight passengers, although the pilot will have to make do with standing at the wheel – no driving seat is provided.

All at sea: Skimming past the Crows Nest lighthouse on Blake Sea
All at sea: motoring sedately past the Crows Nest lighthouse on Blake Sea

The Sparrow is delivered in a neat little suitcase which contains four working versions of the boat (all-white, white/black, white/red, and white/pink), a HUD and the necessary instructions. for use.


Driving the boat is a matter of rezzing it on a suitable body of water, right-clicking on it to position yourself behind the wheel and they using the WASD keys or arrow keys for the throttle and steering. For those who like running up and down through the gears, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN provide the gear sift options – UP to move up through the gears, DOWN to move down through them (and to shift to neutral and reverse). For those who don’t like gear changes the boat’s transmission can be set to Automatic via the comprehensive menu system.

Touching any part of the boat (outside of seating areas and the Extras Panel (see below) will display the control menu, which provides a huge range of options, from selecting the automatic or manual transmission option, to adjusting the position of the various poses, altering the boat’s performance characteristics, to selecting and amending camera positions – and more.

Heading out on the morning tide...
Heading out on the morning tide…

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1920s Berlin celebrates four years


On the 30th May 2009, Jo Yardley first opened the doors on a new immersive venture in Second Life: the 1920s Berlin Project.

Since that time, the project has become one of Second Life’s long-running successes, having grown from a parcel on a region to a full sim of its own, which is both open to the public and home to a thriving community.

To mark the anniversary, four days of entertainment and activities are being planned, commencing on Thursday 30th May and running through until Sunday 3rd June.

Events are still being worked out – and updates can be obtained directly from the 1920s Berlin Project blog and the project’s Facebook page. However, the events currently planned comprise:

Thursday 30th May

A small-scale keller party at the Keller Tanzlokal where there will be some freebies handed out, and everyone will be encouraged to the drink, chat and, if they feel like it, “get up on stage to tell about their discovery of Berlin, their life here, to perhaps sing, do a trick or show off another talent”!

Friday 31st May

The Grand Anniversary Dance at Unter den Linden.

1920s Berlin Project
Unter den Linden, location for the anniversary Grand Ball (image courtesy of Jarla Capalini, via the 1920s Berlin Project Flickr Group)

Saturday 1st June
Will see the normal rules for the region relaxed for the day and allow people time visit and mingle through a number of special events (all times SLT):

  • 11:00 – Tea Dance
  • 12:00 – Pool party
  • 14:00 – Eldorado evening – the opening of a new building

Sunday 2nd June

Kids’ day with a special class, playground games and a football game.

1920s Berlin project - 4th Anniversary
1920s Berlin project – celebrating four years at the end of May 2013

So, don’t sit alone in your room this weekend, old chum – go hear the music play and join in the cabaret and festivities marking the 1920s Berlin Project’s 4th anniversary!

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