1920s Berlin celebrates four years


On the 30th May 2009, Jo Yardley first opened the doors on a new immersive venture in Second Life: the 1920s Berlin Project.

Since that time, the project has become one of Second Life’s long-running successes, having grown from a parcel on a region to a full sim of its own, which is both open to the public and home to a thriving community.

To mark the anniversary, four days of entertainment and activities are being planned, commencing on Thursday 30th May and running through until Sunday 3rd June.

Events are still being worked out – and updates can be obtained directly from the 1920s Berlin Project blog and the project’s Facebook page. However, the events currently planned comprise:

Thursday 30th May

A small-scale keller party at the Keller Tanzlokal where there will be some freebies handed out, and everyone will be encouraged to the drink, chat and, if they feel like it, “get up on stage to tell about their discovery of Berlin, their life here, to perhaps sing, do a trick or show off another talent”!

Friday 31st May

The Grand Anniversary Dance at Unter den Linden.

1920s Berlin Project
Unter den Linden, location for the anniversary Grand Ball (image courtesy of Jarla Capalini, via the 1920s Berlin Project Flickr Group)

Saturday 1st June
Will see the normal rules for the region relaxed for the day and allow people time visit and mingle through a number of special events (all times SLT):

  • 11:00 – Tea Dance
  • 12:00 – Pool party
  • 14:00 – Eldorado evening – the opening of a new building

Sunday 2nd June

Kids’ day with a special class, playground games and a football game.

1920s Berlin project - 4th Anniversary
1920s Berlin project – celebrating four years at the end of May 2013

So, don’t sit alone in your room this weekend, old chum – go hear the music play and join in the cabaret and festivities marking the 1920s Berlin Project’s 4th anniversary!

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7 thoughts on “1920s Berlin celebrates four years

  1. The adjacent sim where visitors first arrive, has shops selling a wide selection of period clothes, though more than the 1920s. An obvious search term on the Marketplace is “Gatsby”, but there seems to be something called “The Gatsby Girl” which is so not right. And skirts generally are a bit short.

    Anyone in the UK wanting inspiration should check the “Glamours Golden Age” series which is having a re-run on the BBC. The first episode is still on iPlayer, and the second episode is about the “Bright Young People”: lots of moving pictures showing how the rich dressed, formally and otherwise.

    [checks phrasebook]

    Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale

    er, maybe not.


    1. I think the arrival point & period mall is overhead – or it was. If not, I’ll have to amend the SLurls given in this report!

      Will check next time I’m in-world!


      1. The arrival point for Berlin is a skybox within the Berlin region, but right next door is the big Vintage Retro marketstreet with more general vintage clothes and items 🙂


        1. Thanks, Jo!

          I admit I missed the mall “next door” during my visits, as I never actually got further than tha aerodrome and the Zeppelin & mistook the rest as a WIP project!


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