Your Gateway to an Adult celebration of SL’s 10th birthday


The Freedom Continent is making plans for a very Adult celebration to mark SL’s 10th anniversary, and have issued an invitation to clubs, venues, stores and groups within SL’s Adult community to join with them in marking the event.

Plans are still being developed, but already 49 parcels, each of 1024 sq metres, have been made available in the Passion Bay region to the west of the Adult Hub regions, which has been kindly provided for the event by Angelic Estates.

The parcels are open to anyone involved in Adult-rated activities in Second Life – content creators, clubs, groups, and so on. To claim a parcel, interested parties need to find one to their liking on Passion Bay and then contact either Serjourn Daxter or Lexi Lock, who will set the parcel for sale for you at L$0. Once purchased, you can start work building your pavilion.

The rules for building are simple:

  • You can set the parcel to your own preferred group
  • Limited terraforming (+4 to -2 metres) is permitted
  • Prim counts limited to parcel allowance – no extra prims
  • Don’t obstruct passage between islands
  • Don’t produce builds which overhang other islands and no ban lines, or sounds penetrating neighbouring parcels, no glary, glowy items
  • Skyboxes are permitted at 1,000m or above if additional space is required
  • Be good to your neighbours.

Parcels are on a first come, first served basis.

The "SLB10A" parcels - less than a few hours after being made available and filling-up
The “SLB10A” parcels – less than a few hours after being made available and filling-up

Should demand prove popular enough, attempts will be made to secure a second region for parcels.

We refer to our event as ‘Second Life Birthday 10 ADULT’ – SLB10A for short – to avoid any confusion with the other event,” lead organiser Serjourn Daxter informed me when I caught up with her as parcels were being allocated, “After all we would not want the visitors of SL10B to accidentally land in an adult sim, would we!”

“It is all very improvised,” she went on, “and as we have no need for censorship of exhibits – we are doing things simply.” Even so, for an “improvised” event, obtaining a dedicated region on which to stage celebrations is a clear sign of good organisation – and the speed with which parcels are filling-out would suggest it is going to be a lively event!

The current plan is to gradually open the event up on a rolling basis, with the main events kicking-off on the 21st June and running through until the 29th.

Those claiming parcels can use them for events of their own – providing the above rules are followed, and in addition there is a central admin / stage area which will be available for events, and other entertainments will be held in a number of venues within the Gateway Hub regions, such as Mustang Sally’s and Billie’s Jazz Club in Blacksilk and the 2Hot2Handle club in the Adult Hub Sex region.

At the moment, the event is still in the development stage, as noted, but the parcels were filling-out fast. I’ll hopefully be able to bring further updates as plans mature and details become available. Just do bear in mind that this is an Adult-oriented celebration!

Those wishing further information on the event should contact Serjourn Daxter or Lexi Lock in-world.

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10 thoughts on “Your Gateway to an Adult celebration of SL’s 10th birthday

  1. I dont know everything but what i do know is that everyone should have a voice no one should be silenced and the adult part of Sl is a big community. If your looking for solutions i have none but i will support what action is taken


    1. In accordance with the SL Terms of Service, Adult-rated entertainment, activities and stores must reside on Adult-rated regions; the SL10BCC regions are all rated General and Moderate (which is a step up from last year, when the regions were all General). As such, there is limited opportunity for any Adult community to express itself freely within the SL10BCC regions. So, having a dedicated event on Adult-rated regions ensures the community can freely join-in celebrating SL 10th birthday in a manner which doesn’t limit the community’s ability to express itself. This isn’t really silencing anyone; it’s working within the demands of the ToS.

      ETA: I’ve been asked to point out that the majority of regions are now rated General, in keeping with sponsors’ requests, with only SL10B Impressive rated as Moderate.


      1. Adult regions were welcome at SL9B on the condition they kept their contributions G rated, which they did, handing out landmarks and other information as to where A rated content can be found instead of portraying it directly.

        They were given to understand that such would be possible at SL10B as well and invited to submit applications, which was done.
        These were summarily denied however, but not until weeks after the submission process closed and regions were already being handed out.

        The Adult regions are angry and disappointed about this procedure more than about the fact that they’re not represented (after all, not everyone can be represented at an event that’s smaller than SL itself), as well as about the blanket nature of the decision in an event that’s supposedly for ALL of SL and now excludes a vibrant and prosperous part of the community.


        1. Yes, the Adult community was given the opportunity to have exhibits at SL9B – on condition they were “G” rated – which is precisely the point I made; they were restricted in what they could do / display.

          Having an event on adult-rated regions avoids this restriction, and does little to prevent the event from being promoted (which is why I wrote this article in the first place). As such, I prefer to dwell on the positives the opportunity presents, and do a small part to help promote it.

          I’m not privy to either the applications made, nor the reasons for any rejections, and as such I cannot comment directly on either. However, to state that rejections came “weeks after the submission process closed” is to eaggerate matters somewhat.

          The application process did not close until May 20th. The review of applications didn’t commence until after applications had closed – i.e. on the 21st May. While acceptance / refusal letters were sent out ASAP as they were reviewed, ther were over 500 exhibitor applications to be processed, and that took a little time. Nevertheless, the aim had been to let all applicants know whether or not they had been accepted no later than the 26th May – that’s just three days ago.

          While I do not wish to put words into the mouths of those durectly organising SL10BCC (I’m only involved in PR work, not in directly organising the event), I would hope that there will still be an opportunity for other events – Adult or otherwise – being represented at a telepoft hub, as per last year and *assuming* one is planned for this year as well.

          In the meantime, I intend to continue covering the preparations of the Adult event as best I can, and have already arranged with Serjourn to be kept appraised of progress.


  2. Can any show me a map of the freedom continent, cause the only one i know about is Zindra!


    1. It’s the Freedom Continent group – the regions are the Adult Gateway Hub regions. If you use the SLurl in the article (Passion Bay), the regions of the hubs are immediately to the east of the sim.


  3. I did not knew that adult communities where excluded from Sl10b main show:(
    And freedom continent is a bit small compared to Zindra but for sure I’ll be attending the celebrations there!


  4. To the best of my knowledge, as an SL10B Sim Coordinator, we did not blanket exclude adult content presenters — but as the event is designed for all Second Life residents, all the content presented would have to be viewable by all SL residents. Perhaps this is where the confusion is?


  5. It’s a pitty that Serjourn didn’t adopt the “no selling” rule from SL10B, as i visit Passion Bay once each day after logging on i see close to 2/3 of the 49 parcles are just mini shops. I cannot help thinking that these people use the free parcel for their own profit. Just think about it, the sim will be here for almost 4 more weeks, it’s open for the publick to roam around before the event start June 21st. – how many lindens will they make during that time?

    Maybe i to look to dark on this, but as i see the sim develop and more “shops” added by the day i’m getting more and more sure that i would rather visist SL10B and dress PG and attend to a few live events there than buy stuff (you girls know what i talk about lol) at SL10A.

    On the other hand, if all sales income will be donated to Serjourn so she can extend the event next year with more sims then the sales do serve a purpose.

    Anyway this was just my 5 cent thoughts (that i’m sure will make someone upset as usual)


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