SL projects update 18 (3): more on the viewer

Viewer Release Process

Following-on from the announcement of a new process for viewer releases Oz Linden provided more information on the process as it will operate going forward during the Open-Dev meeting on Wednesday May 2nd, and gave a clarification on my original post after I’d mistakenly referred to individual viewer “release candidate channels”, rather than more correctly, “release candidates”. His comment in full reads:

Oz Linden
Oz Linden

The release candidates will be updates in the regular release channel, not separate candidate channels. The candidates will be in a named “cohort” within the channel, but the cohort name is not built into the viewer the way a channel name is, which means we will be able to move a candidate from its named cohort to the default without rebuilding it – the build we test will be exactly what we release. Candidates will be indistinguishable from the default release viewer (the one on the main download page) except for the version number and the new features.

The new process also means that officially, individual viewers will no longer be referred to by specific project channel names (such as CHUI, Materials Processing, etc.). Instead, they’ll be referred to by their full 4-part number (i.e. rather than the “Materials project viewer”).  This also means there is likely to be at least one update to the Bug Tracker so that the Environment box in the form will no longer allow a report to be submitted until viewer channel and version number have been recorded.

As a result of these changes, Oz indicated that the development viewer channel has already been depreciated, and that the beta channel, as mentioned in my original piece will be depreciated as the Lab switches over to the new system.  When a candidate viewer is ready for public consumption, it will appear on the  Alternate Viewers wiki page where it can be downloaded.

I’ll be making changes to my Viewer Round-up Page to match the new system as it comes into play.

Current SL Viewer Status Update

In the meantime, and in the lead-up to the new release process, there is expected to be a further beta viewer release (3.5.2 code), which will include the FMOD Ex updates in it, and for which Oz extended thanks to the Singularity team for their work.

The Mac Cocoa project is a little stalled. This is because, to quote Oz, “We’ve been stealing people [TPV devs] from Cocoa to get Materials done. The good news is that it’s working, we’re really knocking down bugs at a steady clip.”

The mesh deformer also remains stalled. This is again due to manpower issues but this time internal to LL. However, Oz again wanted to reassure people, stating of the deformer, “There are things I’ve given up on at this job, but that isn’t one of them.” Sadly, his plate is also full with the Materials project at the moment, together with things like the new viewer release process.

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