Marketplace Update: DD migration pushed to August

Updated 19th May: The Commerce team have responded to payment issues. See the comments after this article.

The Commerce Team issued a further update on the status of ongoing work to fix various issues relating to both Direct Delivery and listings problems. Indeed, the announcement itself may have been prompted by a cascade of Tweets directed at Linden Lab’s CEO by frustrated merchants late on the 16th May These both requested help with the non-payment issue (outlined later in this piece) and appealed for news on Direct Delivery issues given the revised migration deadline of June 1st is fast approaching without any clarification on matters from LL having been received since April 26th.

The update is reproduced here in full. For those concerned about Direct Delivery migration, please note the final paragraph of the announcement.

[UPDATE: May 17, 2012]

We continue to work outstanding Marketplace issues.

Performance continues to improve on the Marketplace web site. With our deploy last week, we fixed a couple of JIRAs and order processing sped up, which led to some orders getting stuck in the Queued state (which means no money has been taken from the customer nor have any items been delivered). Orders got stuck because other portions of the system struggled to keep up. Stuck orders were Aborted, and a fix was made to decrease the number of orders getting stuck in the Queued state going forward while we work on a longer term fix. 

Here is the status of the remaining issues:

  • (WEB-4587) Listings show up with images from other Merchants listings
    Current status: we have identified the problem and are working on testing the fix.
  • (WEB-4696) Deleted listings appearing in search results for consumers and in Merchant Admin.
    Current status: we continue to work on this issue, and have decreased the incidence of these occurrences.
  • (WEB-4441) Orders stuck in Being Delivered
    Current status:  we are actively working on this issue and will focus our fixes on Direct Delivery purchases.
  • (WEB-4567) Bulk delete failing.
    Current status: the work-around on this is to delete each item. We continue to work on resolving this.

One other question that has come up frequently as we get close to June 1, is around Direct Delivery migration dates. We will not be requiring Merchants to migrate to Direct Delivery before August 1, 2012, and will give at least a 4 week notice for any shutdown dates. [my emphasis]

The Commerce Team

In the meantime, Merchants are becoming increasingly concerned over the non-receipt of payments from good sold. The crux of the issue has been raised in a forum post (which itself links to an earlier and more involved post on the subject). A JIRA has also been raised on the issue as well. So far, there has been no response from the Commerce Team on this latter issue.

3 thoughts on “Marketplace Update: DD migration pushed to August

    1. Updated the piece to reflect this.

      I would note that I checked the JIRA prior to publishing this article in the early hours of May 19th, and at that time, the last comment appearing on it was from Wade1 Jya.


  1. It’s a plausible inference that the Commerce Team has received an ass-kicking from the CEO.

    The worrying thing is is that all of this seems to be actively being reported and debated in the forums and JIRAs, and my impression is that a pet rock is more likely to answer a question than is Commerce Team Linden.

    I’ve quit the Marketplace for the nonce. Why pay the fee on every sale for a delivery service of this quality?


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