Kev Sweetwater passes away

Daniel Voyager brings sad news that Second Life resident Kev Sweetwater has passed away in real life. He was 35.

Active within Second Life since 2008, Kev was heavily involved in BURN2, the Department of Public Works and SL8B, serving as a core team lead in all three, as well as being an advisor to the LEA.

A special commemoration and celebration of Kev’s SL life will be held on Saturday May 19th at the Burning Man Deep Hole region, from 18:00 through 21:00 SLT. All those who knew him, or who wish to remember his contributions to Second Life are invited to attend, memorials may be made to

In addition, a photo memorial  to Kev is being arranged: those wishing to contribute Second Life snapshots are asked to contact Marianne McCann in-world.

Condolences are offered to Kev’s family, and all who knew him in Second Life.

Given Daniel and Kev were close friends, I would ask that you leave messages of sympathy on Daniel’s blog as a mark of respect of their friendship and Daniel’s loss. Comments are therefore closed here. Thank you.