Seanchai Library’s “Welcome Summer” weekend

This weekend, Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th,  the Seanchai Library will host a Welcome to Summer Weekend featuring a variety of summer-themed events to benefit their home at the Community Virtual Library (CVL) Estate (SLurl).

In addition to the events, the scenic parcel on Imagination Island will be fitted out with picnics, blankets and other trappings of summer. Chief among these features will be “The Narrows” – a surf wave running along the North border of the sim from the creations of noted Second Life surf creators Heather Goodlife and Sebastian Saramango. “The Narrows” features perilous off-sim rocks, a shark, a kraken, and free surfboards so everyone can “catch the wave.” Residents are encouraged to enjoy the summer features of the sim all weekend long. Imagination Island is a Mature rated sim.


All times SLT

Saturday 19th May:

  • 13:00 – Summer Stories read by the Seanchai Staff
  • 14:00 – Lightning Productions present their Tribute to the Beach Boys concert
  • 15:00 – More tales of sun, sand and surf

Sunday 20th May:

  • 16:00 – Summer Stories
  • 17:00 – Beach Party hosted by DJ Derry McMahon

All events are free, with all donations received to benefit the Community Virtual Library.

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  1. If you arrive late on Saturday’s session, you’ll miss Shandon, but take comfort that you’ll also be missing my madness.



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