Fantasy Faire 2012: $25K for RFL

Fantasy Faire 2012 has closed. It’s been an amazing week: 9 sims of stunning builds – eight representing the incredibly diverse nature of fantasy and role-play in Second Life.

In all, some $25,080 USD has been raised through the nine days of the Faire for Relay For Life. However you look at it, that is an amazing total, and represents the generosity of Second Life users.

For those who have yet to visit the sims, there is still time: they’ll remain open until midnight SLT on Monday 30th April – and they really are worth a tour.

For my part, I’ve had great fun exploring the sims, taking photos for the articles here and visiting the various stores. I did stupidly miss out on a couple of things in the silent auction I intended to bid for, but I’ve no-one to blame but myself for that.

To all involved in the event, organisers, support teams, sim builders, sponsors, creators, entertainers and everyone else many, many thanks for your hard work and efforts; it’s been a great event, and now looking forward to 2013!

Here are a few highlights, courtesy of SL machinimatographers:

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