Treat yourself to the best Christmas gift in SL

Last week I paid a visit to the 2012 SL Christmas Expo, which features fund-raising efforts for Relay for Life. Proceeds from special vendors in the Expo stores as well as donation to the familiar RFL kiosks will be going directly to RFL SL.

One of the things you can get at the Expo is a CD containing 39 Christmas songs and bonus track. This is available from special vendors at the Expo, with all proceeds again going to RFL SL.

The RFL Xmas CD
The RFL Xmas CD

The album showcases some of the finest musicians and singers performing in Second Life, and is a veritable tour-de-force of the talent on offer through the medium of the platform. The songs, ordered by track / artist(s) are:

  1. Away in a Manger – Grace McDunnough
  2. Sleigh Ride – Voodoo Shilton
  3. Where are you Christmas – Shaye Dezno-Jonstone
  4. Christmas is the Heart – Jon and the Anonymous Virtual Orchestra
  5. Mr. Grinch – Damian Carbenell
  6. I Want Things – Sara Tiemogo (Saramarie Philly in SL)
  7. Jingle Bell Rock – Gina Stella
  8. Noche de Paz – Eliz Watanabe
  9. I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Kitty Zeddmore
  10. Christmas Waltz – Nad Gough
  11. White Christmas – Lyrica Acoustic and PT Beardmore
  12. Destiny Christmas – Quantamis Navarathna
  13. Silent Night – Amereth Popstar
  14. Happy Xmas – Clairede Dirval, Dixie Silverweb and Tristan Silverweb
  15. O Holy Night –  Laura Savio
  16. The Christmas Song – Jean Munro
  17. Little Drummer Boy-Peace on Earth – David Csiszer
  18. Joy to the World – Louis Landon
  19. All I Want For Christmas is You – TerryLynn Melody
  20. Ave Maria – Antonio Galloway
  21. Santa Baby – Sassy Nitely (Barbie Horsley)
  22. Deck the Funk – Gweeb
  23. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – AMForte Clarity
  24. Blue Christmas – Starrfish Ohmai
  25. The Perfect Gift – Anek Fuchs
  26. Jingle Bells – Tamra Hayden (Tamra Sands in SL) and Eugene Gwozdz
  27. Fairytale of New York – Maximillion Kleene and Stella Silvansky
  28. Who Put the Dick on the Snowman – Mandoaa Dragonash
  29. Please Come Home for Christmas – Hogan Baily
  30. Mary Did You Know – ScarlettLa Roux
  31. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Savannah Coronet
  32. Winter Wonderland – Carah Nitely
  33. Let it Snow – Joaquin Gustav
  34. Jesus, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Tamra Hayden (Tamra Sands in SL) and Handarido Optera
  35. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas –  Kristina Helene (Therese Nightfire in SL)
  36. Merry Christmas from the Family – Karter Stonecutter
  37. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus – Damian Carbenell
  38. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – AMForte Clarity
  39. Feliz Navidad – Jase Branner
  40. Winning – POL Arida (Bonus non-Christmas Song)

(And yes, you did read the title of track 28 correctly!)

The cost of the CD is L$500 – but you can donate more if you want.

The package includes an in-world media player and download system which ensures a very smooth playback of all tracks (if you use the media filter common to many TPVs, you might want to turn it off or ensure you trust the CD domain in order to enjoy uninterrupted playback). The player itself allows you to shuffle back and forth through the track and play tracks randomly rather than in order. There is also a link to a webpage where you can download the tracks outside of SL and take them with you wherever you go.

For those unfamiliar with RFL and RFL SL, there is also a short history of both included in the package, which highlights the fact that SL users have, over the years, raised in excess of $1 million for cancer research and treatment.

All of us have more than likely been touched by cancer in one way or another, either directly or through a family member or friend. As such, this CD provides a very special way of helping in the march towards finding a cure – so why not take a jump over to the Christmas Expo and treat yourself to a copy?

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SL Christmas Expo – supporting RFL SL

The 2012 SL Christmas Expo is underway. While the official Relay For Life Second Life 2012 events season is officially closed, the Expo is in support of RFL SL, and is being held on five sims adjacent to that of the American Cancer Society.

The Expo, which runs through until December 19th, brings together merchants and entertainers from across the grid to help us prepare for the holiday season and get in the mood for Christmas as the New Year, and features a number of special events and activities.

Race for the Bells - all proceeds to RFL
Race for the Bells – all proceeds to RFL

In terms of the latter, the Expo is the starting point for the 2012 Race for the Bells. This is a unique “marathon” “run” across 25 regions in Second Life. On offer is a first prize of L$10,000 for the person who can complete the course in the fastest time – and locate the 25 silver bells in the process. The marathon is open to all, and can be run as many times as you like. The is an entrance fee of L$100 per run – with all proceeds going to RFL. To start, use the teleport above and then click on the TOP sign at the start point and pay the entrance fee (click the BOTTOM sign if you are re-running!). The  hint for locating the first bell will be delivered, and you are off! Each bell you find will give you a hint as to where the next can be found. The race will be open through until December 19th.

Proceeds from the Expo raffle, featuring some unique prizes, will similarly be donated directly to RFL. Tickets cost L$100 or three for L$250. Keep an eye on the Expo’s blog as well, for details of upcoming silent auctions.

SL Christmas Expo 2012: come shop 'til you drop!
SL Christmas Expo 2012: come shop ’til you drop!

The Expo will also play host to the 2012 Avi Choice awards at a black tie formal event to be held at the Expo’s auditorium on December 14th. The event commences at 18:00 SLT on the 14th, and will be fronted by Traderi Whiplash and Nuala Maracas and feature Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin, Zander Greene and Aisling Sinclair with a host of entertainers.

The Expo park
The Expo park

Entertainment at the event will take place daily, and feature some of SL’s top musicians, dancers and DJs. The full schedule is available on the Expo website.

The five regions of the Expo feature an urban layout of broad streets lined either side with stores which encourages a feeling of being out Christmas shopping. Christmas trees stand at many street intersections, snow lies piled about, and there are a number of open areas where the foot-weary can sit and take to load off for a few minutes, including the central park area.

Each Xmas Expo shopkeeper has donated two items and set them for sale in a special Relay for Life vendor. Proceeds of all sales from these vendors will go directly to RFL – so look out for them as you wander, explore and shop.

The RFL Xmas CD

On offer at the Expo, and available in-world only through until the New Year, is the Christmas Holiday CD, which features some of Second Life’s best performers, who have donated their time and their voices to a very special recording.

The RFL Xmas CD
The Christmas Holiday CD

Coordinated and arranged by Liz Harley and produced by Joe Silverstar, the CD is available for L$500 which goes directly to RFL. It can be purchased from a number of special RFL vendors located at the Holiday Park and in the Auditorium on sims: Xmas Expo 1, Xmas Expo 2, Xmas Expo 3,  and Xmas Expo 4. Each copy includes an in-world CD and a link for downloading track MP3s outside of SL.

SL Christmas Expo 2012, giving support a worthy cause
SL Christmas Expo 2012, giving support a worthy cause

RFL 2012: Underway!

RFL of SL’s 2012 Relay Weekend has commenced. The sims are open, and the survivor / caregiver walk has set the stage for 24 hours of lapped themes around the track. The weekend kicked-off with a grand opening ceremony – which I have to confess to having to miss as I couldn’t get into the 4 regions where the ceremony was taking place – and will now run through until 10:00 SLT on Sunday 15th July, with track laps taking place at the start of almost every hour, and a host of events and activities taking place across the track regions.

From the visitor’s guide

If you are planning to walk the track, donate, and joy in events – and of course, you are planning to do just that! – make sure your first port-of-call is the welcome centre, where you can collect your pedometer and walk-and-talk attachments, as I mentioned last time around. Here to you can also get your RFL of 2012 Visitor’s Guide, which you can also view on-line.

Welcome centre

From here you can use the teleport system to randomly TP you to a point on the grid, or jump directly to one of the points of interest – the RFL blog has a list of events taking place at the various stages throughout today and tomorrow.

A look along the track

The weekend is liable to be popular, so please try to be as low-lag during your visit as possible and detach any / all unneeded attachments. Gift bags line the track itself, allowing you to drop your Lindens into them at any time, and you can of course opt to swing off the track at any time and enjoy any of the fabulous builds along the route before continuing on your way – the themed walks last an hour, which should provide a decent amount of time for admiring builds as well as for putting in your laps!

Given this year’s theme is Time for a Cure, many of the builds feature time and clocks within them – often in the most imaginative of ways. All the builds offer something special and are worth a visit in their own right, and really are worth visiting and exploring – and give you ample time to join in for a lap or two!

I’m hoping to join-in for at least two of the themed laps over the course of the weekend – I have my costumes at the ready – and look forward to see you there as well :).

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RFL: 2012 The Relay Weekend is upon us

Tomorrow, Saturday 14th July, sees the start oF RFL of SL Relay Weekend. Events will commence  at 10:00 SLT with the Opening Ceremony, after which the laps of the track will begin.

When visiting the RFL track, make sure you head for the Welcome Center when you first arrive. Here you can obtain the Pedometer and the Walk and Talk attachments by touching the Track Tools sign. These will measure your progress around the track and allow you to socialize while automatically walking around the track.

The RFL 2012 track

While at the Welcome Centre make sure you also click on the Luminaria sign and receive a reference to the colors of the Luminari and the Themed Laps sign for anotecard on the themed laps for the weekend.

Track Tools -credit: photo by Lyr Lobo

As well as the track walks, there will be a lot going on across all of the track regions. There are three music stages and there will be a wide range of activities throughout the weekend, including: an art show, flea market, silent auction, snail races, a breedables auction and water activities.

RFL 2012 Relay Weekend SLurls

RFL 2012: Lap themes

The RFL SL organisers have announced the themes to accompany this year’s laps of the track for the RFL Relay Weekend. Entirely optional (although everyone is encouraged to join in), the themes are a way of adding a little fun and amusement to the walks.

To help spread the word, I’m listing the full set of themes here, including the Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back laps. Note that all times are SLT, and remember the Relay Weekend starts at 10:00 SLT on Saturday July 14th with a special Opening Ceremony.

  • 11:00-12:30  Saturday July 14th -*CELEBRATE* Survivor/Caregiver Honour Walk: Please line the track and honour all those who have heard the words, “You have cancer”, as they walk the track in this opening lap. Salute the caregivers who care for and support their loved ones and their friends in their fight. Cheer them all on as they walk by!
  • 12:30-14:00 – Team Spirit Lap: Wear your team shirts, wave your flags and raise your banners  and walk the track with pride for all you have done to help find a cure for cancer
  • 14:00-15:00 – Silly Hats/Big Hair: The name says it all! Get out your silliest hats and / or most outlandish hair – or both!
  • 15:00-16:00 – The First Timer Lap: To pay homage to all those who have recently joined SL, dig out a default avatar from the Library in your inventory and wear it for this lap of the track (for extra authenticity, turn off your AO as well!)
  • 16:00-17:00 – Animal Kingdom: Saluting the breedable companies in SL who give support to RFL SL. Dress up as an animal, wear a t-shirt that acknowledges your favorite breedable or even take your pet for a shoulder ride around the track!
  • 17:00-18:00 – Cruisin’ Western Style: Dust off yer western gear an’ mosey on ’round the track to the sounds of great country western music
  • 18:00-19:00 – Blast from the Past: Step back in time and dress the style from your favourite decade/trends – or even the decade of your birth
  • 19:00-20:00 – Musicians For Relay: Salute the SL musicians who do so much for RFL SL; wear a t-shirt honouring your favourite musician – or come as a musician yourself!
  • 20:00-21:00 – Favourite Holiday: Be your favourite holiday or something that represents it – a Christmas Tree or Easter Bunny – or just wear a holiday sweater!
  • 21:00-22:00 – *REMEMBER* Luminaria Ceremony: A time of quiet reflection and remembrance of those who have lost their battle with cancer and to support and uphold those who still fight it. Walk the track in silence and listen to inspirational music and readings
  • 22:00-23:00 – Fancy Footwear: Those boots / heels / roller skates / flippers / bunny slippers were made for walkin’ in – dress your feet and run the track!
  • 23:00-00:00 – Fantasy Hour: Be a character from fantasy, fable or fiction; be a pirate or a fairy, a Klingon or a Vorlon, and elf or an orc; let the track witness tinies, petites, mermaids, dragons, medieval lords and ladies….
  • 00:00-01:00 Sunday July 15th – Midnight Masquerade: Wear a Mask and costume and join the  carnival like festivity hour
  • 01:00-02:00 -The Power of Purple: Wear as much purple as you can., hair, eyes, clothing, .. just bring on the purple!
  • 02:00-03:00 – Monster Mash: Were you working in lab, last last night? Come as a vampire, Frankenstein, Sasquatch, Godzilla – reveal the monster in YOU!
  • 03:00-04:00 – Super Heroes: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s you! Come as your favourite super hero/ine
  • 04:00-05:00 – Sports Mania: Celebrate the sport you love, as a player, a cheerleader, whatever you like!
  • 05:00-06:00 – Up All Night: Curlers, Coffee, PJ’s & Slippers – Curlers, Coffee, PJ’s & Slippers – time to wake up and smell the coffee
  • 06:00-07:00 – *FIGHT BACK* Fight Back Ceremony: Pick up your specially made RFL HOPE Cape and Fight Back Flags – available at the Relay Stations,  and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year – your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet.  Together we all can FIGHT BACK.
  • 07:00-08:00 – International Lap: Wear your national flag (provided by the International Committee) or an outfit that represent your country. Adorn yourself in your country’s colours!
  • 08:00-09:00 – Caring & Curing: A time to pay tribute to doctors, nurses, police, firemen or many others.  So many who dedicate their lives to saving and helping fellow mankind
  • 09:00-10:00 – Formal Hour: Wear your best formal attire as  you walk the final lap before the Closing Ceremonies.

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100 Word Stories RFL Challenge

Hello. This is Laurence Simon (SL: Crap Mariner) of the 100 word stories podcast. Welcome to 2012.

The 100 word stories weekly challenge is where I post a topic to and then you write and record a story based on that topic.

The topic of the next Weekly Challenge is “Life”

Want to give it a shot? Send an email to isfullofcrap (at) with the subject of WEEKLY CHALLENGE and the following:

  • The text of your 100 word story on the topic
  • Your site’s URL, if you have a site and aren’t ashamed to share it
  • A topic for the next Weekly Challenge
  • And, if you can, a recording of your story (and any shameless plugs) in MP3 format

Oh, and everything’s due by the morning of July 15th (Sunday) when I put the episode together.

If you hate the sound of your voice or can’t record your story for some reason or another, go ahead and send the text of the story in anyway. someone will record it for you.

However, I think you’re going to want to record it, because this week, it’s special: It’s the RELAY FOR LIFE 100 WORD STORIES WEEKLY CHALLENGE CHALLENGE:

You see, the Second Life Relay For Life is taking place the weekend of July 14th, and I like to come up with unusual ways to raise awareness and funds for Relay.

So, here’s this year’s challenge: Send a story for this 100 Word Stories Weekly Challenge, I’ll donate 1 dollar.

Yes, I will give Relay For Life (through the Relay Wizards For Spunky Team) $1USD for each person that sends in a recorded story (or stories) on the topic of “Life” for the July 15th 100 word stories weekly challenge. I will donate up to $100USD.

You must record a story or arrange for someone to record it for you to be a part of this additional fundraising challenge. Stories without recordings do not count towards the fundraising challenge, but will be included in the episode.

If you have any questions about this, email me at isfullofcrap (at), or send an IM to me at “Crap Mariner” in Second Life.

Thank you, and as always, keep it brief. (Oh, and GO RELAY!)

Posted on behalf of Crap Mariner, poster image by Tish Coronet. So, get your story hats on and see what you can come up with in 100 words! Remember to record it and e-mail the text and recording to Crap at the address above