Fantasy Faire 2012: $25K for RFL

Fantasy Faire 2012 has closed. It’s been an amazing week: 9 sims of stunning builds – eight representing the incredibly diverse nature of fantasy and role-play in Second Life.

In all, some $25,080 USD has been raised through the nine days of the Faire for Relay For Life. However you look at it, that is an amazing total, and represents the generosity of Second Life users.

For those who have yet to visit the sims, there is still time: they’ll remain open until midnight SLT on Monday 30th April – and they really are worth a tour.

For my part, I’ve had great fun exploring the sims, taking photos for the articles here and visiting the various stores. I did stupidly miss out on a couple of things in the silent auction I intended to bid for, but I’ve no-one to blame but myself for that.

To all involved in the event, organisers, support teams, sim builders, sponsors, creators, entertainers and everyone else many, many thanks for your hard work and efforts; it’s been a great event, and now looking forward to 2013!

Here are a few highlights, courtesy of SL machinimatographers:

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Images from Fantasy Faire 8: Siren’s Secret

Important Note: due to the service outage on Thursday 26th April, Fantasy Faire has been extended by one day

Siren’s Secret is the second build at this year’s Fantasy Faire by Elicio Ember, the other being Nu Orne. It takes us from the deep jungle to the wide sea, and a design that, like The Tides, has Atlantean echoes. But whereas The Tides is suggestive of an Atlantis of legend, Siren’s Secret takes a more alien / science-fiction turn; indeed, anyone who has seen the TV series Stargate:Atlantis may well feel a certain familiarity when looking on the style of architecture here. Again the echoes are faint, but they are there, and walking along the flood walkways I would not have been surprised if I’d come across a Stargate and DHD sitting in a corner…

Which is not to say this build isn’t in any way original; as I said, the echoes are faint. In fact, I have to admit that it is perhaps the build that draws me most strongly. This is in part because it does mix fantasy and science-fiction so well, but also because of the manner in which the build extends below, as well as above, the waves, encouraging those who visit to explore what lies beneath as well as being tempted by the creations on offer.

The sim is sponsored by Booshies, housed in an imposing store directly opposite the main teleport area, on the other side of which site the Jail and Bail cell. Around the sim, under the sweeping gaze of the crystal-powered lighthouse (which Elicio has donated to the Faire’s Silent Auction alongside the lighthouse from Nu Orne), you will find stores with a distinctly aquatic feel: Bibi’s coral reef shop, Mermaid Treasure & Boutique, Pacific Sunrise, Mer-chandise Cove and more besides.

Booshies themselves are a new range of breedable about to be launched in Second Life and are the subject of an interview with their creator, Booshie Resident, on the Fantasy Faire website. The website also carries an interview with Elicio Ember, in which he discusses both Siren’s Secret and Nu Orne.

One of the things I like about Siren’s Secret is that it naturally lends itself to being photographed at night – so I make no apologies for the number of night shots that follow…

Siren’s Secret
Your cell awaits: Jail and Bail
The lighthouse and sim by night
Detail above the water
…and below

Brilliant video: the architecture of Fantasy Faire

The following is a stunning machinima from Fantasy Faire by Marx Catteneo, which magnificently capatures the architecture of the various regions of the Faire. So much so that I had to share it here.

Important Note: due to the service outage on Thursday 26th April, Fantasy Faire has been extended by one day


Images from Fantasy Faire 7: Devil’s Locket

Important Note: due to the service outage on Thursday 26th April, Fantasy Faire has been extended by one day

Devil’s Locket is a build by Lauren Thibaud that is a little hard to describe. It brings together a mix of influences in the form of an tropical-like environment, complete with volcanoes, a lagoon-like body of water and whitewashed stone buildings.

Sponsored by Maxwell Graf and Rustica, the sim features a wide range of stores in its oddly exotic setting, where some things are not always obvious to the eye – particularly in the “lagoon”, where a strange metal structure rising from the waters gives a hint that there is more to be found…

You can read an interview with Lauren Thibaud and one with Max Graf about their respective involvements with Fantasy Faire on the Faire’s website.

Devil’s Locket
The imposing facade of the Rustica store
Maxwell’s Magnificent Mesh Mansion
Looking towards the volcanoes
Mechanical elephant – the teleport point
Street view

Images from Fantasy Faire 6: Jungle Bungle

Jungle Bungle is a strange name for a land that appears to have popped out of a mix of fairytale worlds. Here you will find a wonderful world of colour presided over by human-like trees and throughout which are carvings of exotic creatures that might have escaped from forgotten tales by the Brothers Grim.

The sim is the work of Mayah Parx, who is interviewed by Dagmar Haiku on the Fantasy Faire website, and who is also the sim’s sponsor and owner of the Epic Toy Factory. The sim is very much one that deserves to be photographed using the default Windlight settings it provides – which is largely what I’ve done here, even at the risk of spoiling some of your pleasure when you visit.

As you wander the Smartie-like (candy-like) trails through the sim, you’ll be led past a marvellous group of shops reflecting the fae nature of the region and will also come across the aforementioned wood carvings and other little wonders and treasures. One thing you’re sure to be unable to miss, as it rises from near the middle of the sim, is the great entwined bulk of a beanstalk as it climbs into the sky, dwarfing the little floating islands beside it. Walk around it and witness the fate of the giant, head-first in a roiling lake of … chocolate….

Jungle Bungle is, like most fairy stories, both whimsical and dark. While the colours are vibrant, and the stores open to all, the lowering sky and the creatures carved in wood lend a more sinister feel to the place. But then, fairy tales are both the stuff of dreams and of nightmares…

Jungle Bungle
Follow the candy trail past stores of goodies
A house in the sky
More tree folk…
…and strange creatures…
A small reminder

Images from Fantasy Faire 5: Shifting Sands

From the alien rain forest of Nu Orne to the dry desert heat of Shifting Sands – such are the travels of an intrepid SL blogger… Shifting sands is a build by Kayle Matzerath that presents us with a world of flowing water  – and flowing sand huddled under a ruddy-orange sky.

Sponsored, somewhat appropriately, by Solarium, Shifting Sands furthers the desert theme by having merchants lay-out their wares under tented also raised around a strange partially built structure where sand really does flow like water, before whirling into some subterranean vortex above which hovers a mysterious, possibly alien, green crystal…

The sense of other worldliness is furthered by the great scalloped rock rising from one corner from the region, and from which yet more sand flows, dropping in long falls to the ground, while facing it from across the sands sits a golden sphere, supported in a wooden device, and within which strange powers appear to be stirring…

Wander Shifting sands and you will discover the delights of Pyewicket’s Myths, the masks and unique gifts of Illusion, the skins and shapes of ND/MD Skins & Shapes, find wings and things at Elvenbreath – and much more besides.

You can read an interview with Kayle in which he talks about the build on the Fantasy Faire website.

The Shifting Sands …
Where sand falls from above…
The Solarium store
Tented stores
Strange buildings