Images from Fantasy Faire 2: Shadow’s Claw

Update April 27th: there is now an interview with Shadow’s Claw builder Laufey Markstein available on the Fantasy Faire website.

Shadow’s Claw is a marvellous build by Laufey Markstein, proprietor of Trident. It’s a build that harks back to when great longships plied the seas, bringing with the trade – and sometimes terror.

The theme is that of a small town, presided over by a great stone keep atop a rugged hill, where fir trees grow in abundance and the locals use wood for many uses: building, heat, for the curved hulls of their ships and for carving huge statues of their heroes – or gods.

In keeping with the theme of the region, you’ll find demons and satyrs rubbing shoulders with angels within the stores; gowns and lace mix freely with leather and tattoos. You can even acquire a wyrm or two!

Shadow’s Claw is a wonderful evocative environment – one that lends itself to role-play and as such (as with the other builds at this year’s Faire) truly deserves a life of its own beyond the Faire.There’s a marvellous attention to detail wherever you look, and wandering through the sim is a genuine treat for the eye.

The gateway into Shadow’s Claw
Teleport arrival point from Fairelands Junction, with the sponsor’s store beyond…
…and looking the other way, towards the stone keep (Shadow’s Claw naturally lends itself to night-time pictures)
One of the great wood carvings
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