Marketplace listing issues: LL provide feedback

With listing errors still apparent on the SL Marketplace, Linden Lab have provided some feedback relating to their investigations. An update to their post relating to Marketplace JIRA currently under investigation reads:

[UPDATE: April 5, 2012]
We’ve identified two issues contributing to WEB-4587.

The first issue concerns mismatched data appearing on Marketplace listings. This impacts a very limited number of Merchants and has been occurring since the original migration from Xstreet to the Second Life Marketplace in September 2010. We continue to actively work on a resolution. 

The second issue concerns incorrect listings appearing in search results. We have identified the issue and are actively working on a fix. 

The information provided by Merchants on the forum and directly to the Marketplace development team helped greatly in identifying the root cause of these issues. Thanks to those who provided information.

We will continue to provide updates as we work through the issues.

There is no indication as to haw far along any resolution / fix for either issue might be – and probably wisely so. Event tentative dates might be taken literally and cause additional strain in LL / merchant relationships if missed.

That one of the errors dates back to the original migration from XStreet to the current  SL Marketplace back in 2010 will come as no real surprise to merchants who have been impacted by the issue; it is a view that was aired as a part of ongoing discussions into the matter. It might event be fair to say – as the update hints – that it was such speculation and  investigations by merchants themselves that may have helped Linden Lab confirm this particular root cause for the problems.

Even without potential dates for a fix or fixes to be rolled-out, the feedback from the Lab is to be welcomed. Hopefully, now issues have been identified and the line for updates has been re-established, the Commerce Team will take further steps to ensure the merchant community as a whole is kept informed of the situation through the Commerce forum.

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