SL photography and me

I’m the first to admit that photography is a little hit-and-miss with me. My efforts within SL aren’t particularly great and I can burn water easier than I can get to grips with PhotoShop. However, when it does come to taking SL photographs, I can be grateful that there are great Viewers out there that can even overcome the handicap of having me sitting at the keyboard – Exodus and Niran’s being two prominent cases.

Thank heaven, as well, for client-side Windlight.

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to update my various photosets – buoyed on by the discovery that not only does Flickr have a slideshow capability (yes, I’ve only recently noticed it does!), but also because I’ve got more space to play with there. Most of this work has involved revisiting places I’ve written about in my “virtual destinations” pieces in order to try and do them real justice.

So, in a blatant bit of self-promotion, here’s a list of the posts I’ve updated, and links to their associated Flickr slideshows. The latter are hardly likely to fall into the category of “amazing” pictures – but I hope they at least please the eye. Feel free to take a look.

I’ve also added a list of slideshows to the main page index, on the right, directly below the Viewer reviews lists.

8 thoughts on “SL photography and me

  1. Thanks for the update, Inara – I’ll look at the pics later as I’m rather cheekily posting this from work.
    There’s currently a major deficiency that affects all Viewers (I believe) that puts a horrid plus sign through the picture when taking high resolution snapshots (either via the menu or by increasing the resolution of the pic in the snapshot menu) which is a real problem at the moment. There is a JIRA open for it at the moment and rumour has it that a fix will be available soon. But for months now I’ve had to take snapshots at my native resolution of 1920×1200 which is a bit of a pest as I usually capture at 3840×2400. Still, at least the issue of anti-aliasing on snapshot to disc has been fixed now so that’s something!
    I think photo quality in SL is getting better and better, and what we have to do post-production is getting less and less (unfortunately for those of us able to do Depth of Field offline – now anyone can do it. LOL).
    There are still some things SL screws up on like clipping, as you can see from my “Before & After” set on Flickr at
    But things are definitely improving and I’m never ceased to be amazed by the fantastic images that people post on Flickr. It’s both inspiring and depressing in equal measure. :o)


    1. Yup, aware of the issue on high resolution snaps – several bloggers have covered it; it’s the reason I don’t try to exceed the max resolution on my system (1400×900). I’m strictly in the amateur league with SL photography – the primary aim is for use with this blog; so I don’t use post processing (5 minutes Photoshop usually leaves me with QWERTYUIOP repeated in uneven lines down my forehead…); I also largely steer clear of using DoF (except when the picture is clearly enhanced with its use), simply to give the clearest possible shot of a place / activity.

      I treat my images more as a curiosity than as anything approach art (and an excuse to play with Flickr slideshows!).


      1. Yes, I see. I think that I delude myself that my pictures are something to do with art, hence the DoF and post-production. LOL. 🙂


        1. Oh, no… that’s not what I meant to imply! I’m just aware that nowadays, my rl photographic efforts are simply point-and-click. Although oddly, I do enjoy working with a video camera (and editing software), and have produced some (if I say so myself) reasonable family films (and a couple of promo videos for a charity I’m involved with). Hence why I’d love to have a PC that does more than whisper, “Help!” when I try to do anything remotely like machinima in SL.


      2. Also, “QWERTYUIOP repeated in uneven lines down my forehead” made me giggle. You should do a pic like that – it would be so funny!


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