The obsession continues…

I’ve blogged extensively about my love of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and my attempt to develop a personal interpretation in Second Life. At the time, I was rather pleased with the result, even though elements of the build had to be altered in order for it to fit into a 1/4 sim space – the house really requires an entire region, and that’s not something I’m prepared to invest in within SL; the tier is simply too high.

However, I recently joined Kitely, and as a part of that process gained an entire region for myself, and 100,000 prims to play with – and the perfect opportunity to reproduce Fallingwater in a location more in keeping with the original.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “By day…” (click to enlarge)

The work is still ongoing, but I’m already well pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. The recent updates to Kitely have been a joy; not only have I been able to rapidly zap between worlds to grab fixtures and fittings I didn’t want to get caught-up with making, the fixes to the scripting end of Kitely mean I can now employ my usual scripted lighting. This may add a little to the processing overhead, but I hope it gives a much greater depth to the build – as I hope the night shots I’ve taken demonstrate.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “…and by night” (click to enlarge)
The Great Room by night, April 15, 2012 (click to enlarge)
As it looked in Second Life, squeezed into a quarter-sim

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ETA: should have said: all daytime images taken using Firestorm, with deferred rendering enabled and lighting & shadows on, Windlight set to Dynamic Richness. Night images taken with Sun set to Midnight, deferred enabled and lighting & shadows enabled. 

Scripted lighting effects produce best results with deferred rendering active.