Images from Fantasy Faire 3: Meandervale

Meandervale is definitely one of the more whimsical regions in this year’s Fantasy Faire. With butterfly-sailed windmills rotating serenely in the breeze and Charlar-like trees, laden with butterflies of their own providing the shade on row boats, you know you’re definitely not in Kansas any more as you wander through the sun-gold grass and past fruit as big as an avatar.

The region has been created by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee, who together run The Looking Glass located on Horizon Dream, a sim I reviewed last year as a part of my ongoing virtual destinations pieces.

Here you will find works by the likes of Material Squirrel Wings, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, The Elegant Goth, the appropriately named Grim Bros, Mystic Sky, and of course, Looking Glass’ own store as well as a host of other stores, in a rustic-style house complete with thatched roof. Wander at your leisure and enjoy.

The Teleport arrival point, with the Looking Glass store beyond
Whimsical windmills
Little Me receives two little visitors…
Looking down the street