Marketplace: Merchants’ investigations continue

Update, April 5th: Linden Lab have provided feedback on the issues impacting Marketplace listings.

Merchants are continuing to investigate the listing errors occurring on the SL Marketplace, with several confirming a suggestion put forward by Argus Collingwood on March 31st and again suggested today that the issue appears to impact products with listing numbers in the 14xxxxx range. This has also been reported through the JIRA (WEB-4587)

It is currently unclear as to whether Linden Lab are looking into the possible connection, as apart from direct e-mails / e-mails with a handful of those impacted, the Lab and the Commerce Team remain largely silent on the issue.

Which is not to say they are sitting on their hands. As reported in an update here as well as on other blogs, the Lab has made a number of positive moves: extending the deadline for Direct Delivery migration /Magic Box retirement to the start of June; cancelling the overall timetable associated with DD originally published in the DD migration guide, and listing those JIRA they are actively pursuing. Merchants have also received assurances that LL are working to correct issues within support that have led to misleading or incorrect information being supplied to Merchants who have filed tickets on problems in direct response to requests from the Commerce Team.

However, the problem remains one of a need for more direct two-way communications. LL are assuring people the listing issue is being addressed as a “top priority”, yet the amount of information coming out of the Lab is limited. There has been no input to the JIRA from LL since March 29th – and no response to the idea of the issues being focused on items with listing numbers in the 14xxxxx range. Such is the silence of the Lab, that people are wondering if the associated forum thread is being read, and are trying to direct feedback to the JIRA to try to ensure it is being seen by the Lab.

As it stands, Merchants are trying to figure out matters and provide potential pointers to assist the Lab. The theories may be correct, or may be down to bizarre coincidence – and if correct, it’s entirely likely that the Lab have already made the connection and is working toward a solution. But given there is no concise feedback coming out of the Lab at all on matters, Merchants are still very much being left in the dark and to what might be the case.

Given the effort they are themselves putting into the matter, Linden Lab could at least meet them half-way and provide some form of feedback on what is happening and how useful the pointers may be. As I’ve said previously, detailed explanations are not required; but more direct feedback can only be a positive move on LL’s part on at least two counts:

  • It will reassure those worried about whether Merchants’ own feedback is being read by the Lab and looked into (if not already under investigation)
  • It will help underline the Lab’s commitment to resolving issues and working cooperatively with Merchants to address issues.

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