The simple guide to Age Verification

Update July 10, 2012: This article is now out-of-date as a result of Linden Lab changing the Age Verification Process. For updated information, please refer to this blog post

Back in July of this year, I reported on Linden Lab’s overhaul of the Age Verification process (and the small part I may have played in the thinking around it – pardon the horn toot).

It would appear that either people are continuing to avoid verifying themselves (hardly surprising given Linden Lab didn’t actually, well, tell anyone about the changes) or are unaware of any reason why they might want to verify themselves. As a result, Linden Lab are, some time in the next two weeks, going to be e-mailing all those using SL who are over the age of 18 to advise them of the Age Verification process and what it means.

If you’ve not already age verified and wish to gain access to all of Second Life (assuming you are over 18) and get ahead of Linden lab’s mail-out. Here’s how:

  • Log on to This will display your Dashboard
  • On the left of the Dashboard is a panel with your name at the top. In this panel are a number of options: ACCOUNT, EVENT, etc.
  • Click on ACCOUNT. This will expand a list of account-related options
  • Locate the AGE VERIFICATION option on the drop-down list (highlighted, right) and click on it
  • You will be taken to the age verification page.

The Age Verification page will display a form requesting that you confirm your date of birth (as given when you signed-up for Second Life. If, for any reason your date of birth is incorrect or doesn’t display, you can select the month, day, year by clicking the appropriate arrow button and making a selection for each from a drop-down list.

To confirm your age, make sure you click on the confirmatory check box, then click on SUBMIT. That’s it.

You’ll be taken to a page confirming you’ve been age verified with the message, “You now have access to Adult-rated areas in Second Life! time to explore. Have a great time!”, together with information on how to update your Viewer’s maturity preferences and a link to the Destination Guide.

Maturity settings are generally found under the GENERAL tab of a Viewer’s preferences, and should be set to General, Moderate, Adult (Viewer 3.x & TPVs) or PG, Mature, Adult (Viewer 1.x TPVs) to get the full benefit from Search.

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