New movement option for SL

Nalates Urriah keeps her finger on the pulse of what is happening on the technical side of Second Life, reporting on a range of weekly User Group and other meetings held in-world.

This week, she reports on an interesting new scripting function Falcon Linden is working on.

llSetKeyframedAnimation() is designed to allow objects to be moved through a non-physical link set. The function should allow a range of objects to achieve smooth movement, and will allow avatars to stand / sit on objects as they move. As such, the function should be ideal for the likes of trains and elevators to run smoothly along their tracks / up and down elevator shafts.

Going up? Smoother elevators on their way (among other things!)

There are some animation issues, however – notably when walking on an object using the function, an avatar’s animation will get a little messy. The function also must use the Prim Equivalency system and come in at under a physics weight of 64.

Nalates reports that the new function should soon be working on two regions on the Beta grid and that Falcon will post to the wiki page (linked to above) when the regions are supporting it. Those testing the function are asked to include the function name in the title of any JIRA they raise.

With thanks to Nalates Urriah