Linden Lab calls for more mesh volunteers

Charlie Linden reports there are currently 100 mesh-enabled sims on the main Grid – but LL wants to treble that number. In an e-mail posted to the the opensource dev group by Oz Linden, Charlie states:

We’re at about 100 regions right now – but we want to be at 300+ by the end of the week.

Now we want to accelerate the process, and to do that, we need more volunteers. If you have a region, or know a resident who has one, the mesh team would love for you to volunteer it to run mesh.

Those interested in joining the initial roll-out should go to the Mesh/Live Volunteers wiki page to find out more – including risks and limitations (programme is only open to private sim owners, Mainland sims cannot participate, for example).

For those wishing to see what mesh is like for themselves, there are a series of mesh-enabled sandboxes located around Mesh Sandbox 0 (Surl). However:

Alternatively you can visit Morbidette, a private sim that is mesh-enabled, but does not require you join the Volunteer Group – you will, however still need a mesh-enabled Viewer.

With thanks to Opensource Obscure for the info on the call for additional volunteers & info on Morbidette.

2 thoughts on “Linden Lab calls for more mesh volunteers

  1. The problem is that private sim owners generally don’t want to upset their current apple cart, so it’s a big ask for them to provide the testing space. This has fell at the right time for me as I’m in the midst of an overall so I have volunteered one sim but I haven’t yet setup a sandbox.


    1. Some do, some don’t. There have been a lot of questions from sim owners both on the Mesh Volunteers Group and at the main Grid mesh sandboxes.

      Let me know when you get the sandbox up 🙂


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